Rising Inequalities of Bengal

Bengal has a problem of rising inequality among the people. This does not allow Bengal to develop.

Inequality in income

The problem of inequality in income in Bengal has been seen currently. This is due to the rising technologies and some other causes too. The first main and the most important cause of a rising inequality in Bengal is the Population Growth.There are other causes too for which the inequality ratio in Bengal is rising continuously. Some of them are inflation, using labour saving technologies by the industrialist, Introduction of computers in the private sectors as well as the government sectors. The causes and its effect are discussed below.

Population growth in West Bengal

The growth of population in Bengal is very high. Specially in the rural regions of population it has been observed that the population rises with an increasing rate. This causes many problems for the family as well as the society. The young ones can not earn anything and hence the dependency rate on the main earner of the family increases so per capita income of the family also decreases which leads to a decrease in the Standard of Living. These separates from the upper class people and hence they cannot develop themselves and they go below poverty line in the society.

Literacy rate in West Bengal

A large number of population of Bengal is illiterate and they had not got any education in their life. So these people in the society cannot get high paid jobs and all the jobs are taken by the rich and illiterate people of the society. So they cannot educate their children too and this problem continues. These causes inequalities between the illiterate and the literate people.

Lack of family planning

The people in West Bengal do not have a proper family planning and therefor they have a much children as they want. These causes an increase in population and hence causes problems of inequality. This is due to the mentality of the people too. Some people think that the higher number of children they have the higher is their profit as their supporting hands will be more by Child Labour.

Use of capital intensive technologies in West Bengal

The major industries of Bengal has started using capital intensive technologies in Bengal to use less labours in their industries hence decreasing the cost of production of their goods. These cause loss of jobs of the people working in the industries and they get unemployed. In Bengal this is also a major cause for the rising inequality between the people in the urban areas.

Concentration of Assets

The concentration of the major and important assets in West Bengal lies with some few people and rest are not allowed to take advantages out of it. This is mainly with the agricultural land. Though the Zamindari system in Bengal has been abolished in pen and paper but its still there and the farmers of Bengal are most affected by this.

Unemployment in state West Bengal

Studies tell us that in Bengal people remain unemployed especially the farmers for a large period of time. The increase in the rate of unemmployment has caused several inequality problems among the people of Bengal. Some lands of Bengal are not so much fertile that they can be cultivated more than once in a year so the farmers have to sit idle for about six months in Bengal.

Lack Of Planning and policies by the West Bengal government

The policies and programmes implemented by the government of Bengal is inadequate and its not successful enough to employ the people of Bengal. There should be planning and different measures taken by the government of West Bengal to remove this inequality in the distribution of wealth in Bengal but the government has not been successful in it.

Inflation in West Bengal

Inflation is also responsible for the rising prices of different goods and commodities in Bengal. These rising prices of different goods and commodities does not allow the poor people to meet their daily and basic needs of life and thus causing an inequality between the rich and the poor.

Adverse affect of Inequality

The inequality of income has a major affect on the development of our state. Due to inequalities in income the people are physically and mentally tortures. This is not a good sign for the state. The inequality in wealth distribution also increases the burden on the state government as well as the central government.
Political Instability takes place due to this inequality in the income distribution because the people become unhappy and they associate in the jobs of fighting with each other.
Misallocation of resources also takes place because with a increasing inequality the rich people become richer and the poor people become poorer. As a result the rich people start buying luxurious goods and the poor are not able to buy the basic and minimum amneties to sustain their life. These causes a misallocation of resources as industries get involved in the production of luxurious goods and items in place of the daily goods.


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