Pollution at Kolkata

Kolkata is getting highly polluted day by day. See details about effect and extent of pollution in Kolkata.

Pollution in Kolkata

The pollution level in Kolkata is increasing day by day. This is a threat to Kolkata and the citizens of Kolkata and people should be aware of that. The major pollution taking place in Kolkata is the air and water pollution. The river Ganga is getting contaminated day by day.

Air pollution

Kolkata is highly getting polluted day by day. The reasons for the air pollution in Kolkata is due to the more number of vehicles on roads creating a havoc in the city. The old buses some of which are now banned by the government of West Bengal were a great cause of pollution. But still there are old Buses in the city emitting a good amount of smoke and other harmful gases to the city's air. Again the taxis and auto rickshaws cause a high amount of pollution specially due to using of kerosene mixed oils in the Auto Rickshaws.
Air pollution in Kolkata is also caused due to the industries present in and around Kolkata. Kolkata is surrounded by industries and these industries emit harmful gases in the atmosphere which causes acid rain and other problems in the city.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is also a problem for Kolkata. Specially in the river Ganga. The river Ganga is getting contaminated day by day due to the discharge of industrial pollutants and other type of wastes in the river. The Industries in and around Kolkata use Ganga as a discharge for their liquid and solid wastes without treating the wastes properly thus causing water pollution in the city.
Again all the sewage and domestic wastes is also discharged into the River Ganga. The river is used as a source of discharging the waste products of the city.

Effects of pollution

Pollution in Kolkata is effecting the citizens of Kolkata and the whole world in a wide rate. The air pollution causes many harmful diseases like the Lung Cancer. It also causes breathing problems and asthma. The water pollution contaminates the water as the water for Ganga is also used for drinking purpose. This contaminated water causes the problem of Diarrhea, stomach pain, Jondish and other types of diseases.

How to fight with pollution in Kolkata

To fight this problem the pollution level of the city should be checked. Before discharging the waste to the river Ganga it should be treated properly. Again the pollution can also be controlled by using modern methods and technologies in the industries and its chimneys. Like the use of Electronic precipitators and Scrubbers in the chimneys of the Industries. This will help in reducing the harmful chemicals and SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) from the industries thus reducing the level of pollution from the industries.
Solar or electric cars could be used for the purpose of transporttion as they does not emit anything in the environment and does not therefore cost the environment. People should use public buses and metro facilities instead using their Private cars every time. They can also use car pulls for getting to there office. This will not only save the fuel and money but also it will help the environment.


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