Money have High Importance in Life

The importance of money in daily life, history of money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

Why do we need Money

We need money because it enables us to:
1. Meet our basic needs of food, clothes and shelter.

2. Take care of our health.

3. Solve our problems in a crisis.

4. Acquire educational qualifications.

5. Improve and increase our confidence level.

6. Improve our lifestyle.

7. Bring safety and security in our future.

8. Get us respect and recognition in the society.

9. Change peoples' perception about us.

10. Learn lessons out of life.

11. Ensure that nobody takes us for granted.

12. Get us more money.

Explanation for Money

1. afoots ambitious actions, bullies big businessmen.

2. creates complicated conditions, defeats dishonest dacoits.

3. excuses erring elements, fetches frightening figures.

4. groans gasping guards, hides horrible hearts.

5. irks irrational idiots, jeers jealous jokers.

6. louders lousy listeners, makes mysterious mistakes.

7. pacifies painful pangs, reverses rude remarks.

8. sometimes sprinkles sadness.

9. voices various vows.

10. worries wicked women.

11. It makes old people look young. And its praises are always sung.

12. It makes some people conceited. And it makes some defeated.

13. It makes the dying come out alive. And it makes the successful thrive.

14. It makes people change their side. And it forces some to commit suicide.

15. It makes people dance on their toes. And it turns friends into foes.

16. It makes everyone run in its rate race. And sometimes results in a court case.

17. It makes people strengthen their loyalty. And it makes scientists invent for royalty.

It makes the wrong people feel that they are right. And it makes loose tongues tight.

Money is a bridge that connects God with mankind

Money is that wondrous creation of Man, which keeps reminding him of God. It is a bridge that connects God with mankind. It is one of the several lines of communication between God and mankind. It is due to money that time and again we keep remembering God. Money is one of the many modes through which God sends either his blessing or his retribution. When we crave for money we remember God. When we lose money we remember God. When people make money many of them forget God but some continue to remember him.

Those who never remembered God, start remembering him. because of money. Sometimes money related incidents scratch our soul and awake the Lord sleeping in us. We can hear people saying " Thank God" or "God is great" when money makes them happy. On the other hand, we can hear people saying "Oh, My God" or " Lord have mercy " when money makes them unhappy. Sometimes we see very stingy people making generous offerings to God. They feel that such generosity shall make their dreams come true. This is one of the many doings of money.

Money makes the People Respectful

It is a blunt and bitter truth that in this materialistic world the one with money is the one who is respected. People feel that sooner or later a moneyed man may be of some help to them. It is probably for this reason that a moneyed man is respected. In the materialistic world money is considered to be a parameter of success. The more the money a person possesses, the more he/she is considered to be successful and the more is the respect he/she gets.

It is surprising that the moneyed people get respect ever without asking for it. The moneyed man commands respect without demanding for it. Having received respect regularly, a stage comes when the rich start expecting respect. When the expected respect is not forthcoming, then their hearts burn with anger. When the moneyed are not moneyed anymore, they are by and large not respected anymore. It is a hard and harsh fact that when money comes, it brings respect with it and when it goes it carries away the respect it had brought. A rich man may feel that people respect him but he is sadly mistaken. It is not he but it is his money that is respected.

No Money means No better shelter, Clothes and Life

Some people who live in abject poverty keep suffering endlessly. They do not possess money that could have met even their basic requirements of food, clothes and shelter. It is for this reason that their lives are filled up with sorrows and sufferings. They are treated shabbily wherever they go. The reason is that their misfortune reaches their destination before them. They keep getting insulted time and again but are unable to protect themselves against insult.

The reason is that they have very little say in their own lives. Their existence becomes their punishment. At times some of them wish that they died so that their suffering could also die with them. Some such people even change their religion so that they can reduce their misery. Their new religion gives them a new lease of life. Sometimes after changing their religion they are given employment. This gets them money, which in turn gets them food, clothing and shelter. At times their new religion does not provide them employment but provides them periodically with food and clothes. Some such people not only change their religion but also their integrity. The fire in their stomach burns up their ideals of life.


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