Some tips before writing resources at Bengal Spider

Here are some tips which you can consider before you write a resource at Bengal Spider. These will be helpful for you to get more points and more Cash Credits. If you have any query about resource posting read this article. Kindly go through the article to know more.

Tips to write resources

While writing a resource at the Bengal Spider resource section or any other sister websites of Bengal Spider or India Study Channel the new members are often confuses. The main confusions which follows in a new member's mind are :

  • 1. What topic should we select for a resource?

  • 2. What should be the headline or tittle and summary of the resource?

  • 3. In which words we have to use bold tagging?

  • 4. How to use head lines in between articles

  • 5. What type of images should we add to our resources?

  • 6. How to make the resource more attractive?

  • 7. How to make my resource beneficial for the search engines?

  • 8. What type of informations should we give?

  • 9. Where to get informations and materials for my resources?

  • 10. Why should we not copy paste articles?

These ten questions are the major questions which arrive into a member's mind before posting a resource. They will surely get the answers to these questions by reading these article of mine.

What topic should we select for a resource?

Always choose on topics related to Bengal when you are writing a resource at Bengal Spider. If you are writing in some other website then write on topics related to that state. Suppose you can write on topics about any city or place of West Bengal in your own words. Suppose you had been to Digha so you can write a resource on your personal experience in simple English. What can you add is simply by searching more informations on Digha by the internet only and post it here. This kind of informations are always searched by users in search engines. If you write a topic related to Bengal then you will get good amount of points here but if it is not those articles are just useless here and the points you will get that is just the mercy of our webmaster or editor. You can also write on topics related to education, any place to visit, any news of Bengal or anything related to Bengal. If you have any knowledge sharing article or any thing related to education kindly post those kind of articles in India Study Channel where you will get the exact value for your resources.

What should be the headline or tittle and summary of the resource?

A proper headline or tittle is always a plus point to your resource. An article or resource is always known by the tittle you give to it. It is the tittle which helps the users to remember your article and brings him/her back to your article if required. So you must always think of a topic which will help the users to remember our article. Again a tittle is also used for attracting a user to your resource. A proper tittle attracts many users to your article and thus it helps to bring more traffic to your resource. Suppose you are writing an article on your trip to Kolkata. So you can consider a name like "Kolkata- the exact holiday destination or Tourist views regarding Kolkata etc". These kind of topics will attract more and more users to your article.

For summary try to write a brief one. As summary of your article is something which is shown to a user in the google search when any one is searching your article.
Note that there should not be any grammatical mistake in your summary as it will create a negative impression on the user's mind on your article and he/she will not click to see your resource further.
Try to write all that is there in your resource in brief and write something which will attract users. Like "Explore more about Kolkata by visiting this page" and write what else is available in your resource. This will bring good traffic to your page and help you to get more points and cash credits too.

In which words we have to use bold tagging?

Use the bold keyword only in words of which a proper information is available in your resource or article. Suppose you are writing a biography on a person, so use the keyword for the "Date of Birth of the following person" instead of the year. A user will always find by those words in search engines and not by the year. Again if you tag that then a person ho is finding that information will not have to search for the information, he will be highlighted by that keyword. Using too many keywords which are not useful will keep your resource for pending and the reason will be keyword spamming.

How to use head lines in between articles

Use head lines to separate one topic from another in between your article. This will help to make your article more user friendly. Kindly write more than five or six lines under one headline other wise the user may get irritated by reading small small things under one topic and create a bad impression. Again if you do not follow this you will also not get enough points and cash credits from Bengal Spider or any other sister networks of Bengal Spider.

What type of images should we add to our resources?

Add images only which are related to your topics. Do not add useless images just to beautify your resources. You will not get more points by that. Always try to prevent adding more than two or three imaged in an average sized resource without much of content.

How to make the resource more attractive?

To make the resource more attractive use proper keywords to your resources, proper tittle and summary, add one image if possible, try to give proper headlines and divide your article into parts if possible. Always try to write proper English and try to make the resources decent. These will make the resource attractive enough. You can also give a link to any other page if or resource. Do no do over of any thing as it may loose the impression of your resource. Keep these little things on mind and you can make your resource quite attractive one.

How to make my resource beneficial for the search engines?

Always write proper tittle, headlines and give proper keywords. Give as much information as you can. Write a proper summary always. Check point number 1, 2 and 3.

What type of informations should we give?

Under any topic give the full information as much as you can. You can use the internet to search for the required information and post it here. Do not go out of your topic while writing as it will waste the valuable time of the users and they will simply get irritated by reading your article.

Where to get informations and materials for my resources?

You can the material for your resource from the internet only but edit any thing you write from the internet. You can also use the articles from the newspaper but do not write the same what is written. Articles can also be written from your mind, from the personal experience and knowledge you have with you.

Why should we not copy paste articles?

Copy Paste is simply violating the rules and regulations of this website. You are not supposed to copy and paste anything from the internet and post it here. You can edit something and post it including something and excluding something from your own but you are not supposed to post the exact material. This may take away your posting right as well as it may take away your membership. Copied items have no value here. It is irritating for the editor, webmaster as well as the readers.

I hope all your queries are clear. Try to add up something new to your resource. Still if you have a problem and you cannot understand anything you can write me up at [email protected]. This is my permanent email Id and you will get your response within 24 hours from me.


Guest Author: Anandita Roy Choudhu11 May 2011

Hello Ankit,

Thanks a lot for enlightening us with the exact ways of writing a resource.I will keep them in mind while writing my next.

Thanking you,
Anandita Roy Choudhury

Guest Author: Ankit18 May 2011

You are always welcome.

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