Surprise attack of Bakhtyar Khalji and his army in Bengal

This article describes you the history of the ancient Bengal and the invasion of Bengal by Bakhtyar khalji and his army. This resource also give the information about the surprise attack of Bakhtyar Khalji and his army in Bengal. This will give some idea about the migration of people towards eastern Bengal. This resource will help you to understand the history of Bengal.

Surprise attack of Bakhtyar Khalji and his army in Bengal

The fast-moving cavalry of the Turks and their technique of warfare were much superior to the Indian infantry and slow-moving elephants. The Indian troops had to court defeat on many occasions to the superior Turkish armaments and superior technique of warfare in other parts of India. Bengal was no exception. The surprise attack of Bakhtyar Khalji and his army so overwhelmed the Bengali troops that they could not resist it. It was the swift and clever maneuvering of the Turks that decided the issue although Hindu troopers never lacked in courage It is not known what measures did Likshmansena take to defend his kingdom and his capital. But the easy fall of Nadia suggests that Lakshmansena's defensive arrangements were not at all satisfactory which he ought to have done in the face of rapid advance of the invading Turks upon the eastern provinces.

Migration of people towards eastern Bengal

Since the battle of Tarain (1192) the Hindu Kingdoms of Northern India had fallen into piece in rapid succession in the face of Turkish aggressions. After the death of Jaychand of Kanauj, the Gahadwara kindgdom was also overrun and hence in the eastern region the Sena Kingdom was left to be attacked by the Turkish invaders. Under tha logic of circumstances, with the fall of the barrier kingdom of Kanauj, the Turkish attack fell upon the Sena kingdom. Shortly Southern Bihar was plundered by Bakhtyar Khalji and a portion of this province, legally belonging to the Sena kingdom passed into the hands of the Khaljis. This easy success of the foreign invaders naturally created terror into the hearts of the people of the eastern provinces and a large number of them migrated to Eastern Bengal and Kamrup for safety. Nadia also suffered from this desertion. Minhaj has told us that the astrologers and wisemen represented to Lakshmansena thus, "

The Turks have subjugated Bihar and next year will come into this country. It is expedient for us that the Rai should consent, so that he along with the whole people should be removed from the country in order that we may be safe from the molestation of the Turks." This can be presumed that panic seized the inhabitants of Nadia and quite a large number of them took to flight for safety. But Lakshmansena remained at Nadia. It was only when the Turks overpowered the palace guards and the news of the arrival of Bhakhtiyar's main army reached the Hindu king that he decided to take to flight. It does not prove that he was a coward. Under the circumstances, no personal bravery could have saved the sicuition. Minhaj has paid tribute to the personal prowess and valour of Lakshmansena and has told us that "Rai Lakshmania was a Great Rai and there was no other prince so respected in Hidusthan then as the Rai." It cannot be disputed that the palace of the Hindu Raja was taken by a brilliant strategem and the city was occupied by a show of force.


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