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Recipes of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira from TN and Kerala

For the occasion of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira, unique recipes are made in Tamil Nadu as well as Kerala. This article is a combination of two being almost similar one with dessert and another with combination of vegetables. To know the preparation, please read on.

Hair Transplant and its cost in India

This is the information about hair transplant and its cost in India. In the present situation most of the people are bald. The number is more in male than female. There are many dermatological methods to grow hair in bald head. Hair transplant is the final method people choose after getting all hair growth treatment. This is a permanent solution for baldness problem.

Recipe of Spicy Prawns Vadai – A perfect combination with tea

Vadai or Vada is a very common South Indian snack. There are different types of vadais such as Uzhunnu vadai, parippu vadai, ully vadai etc. In this article I am going to explain about a non vegetarian vadai, that is chemmeen vadai or Prawns Vadai. Go through it and enjoy cooking it as well as having it.

The Baiga Tribe of Madhya Pradesh

In this article I had discussed about the Baiga tribe which is the most backward tribe of Madhya Pradesh. This article covers a lot of information about this tribe like their Sub casts, social formation, system of marriage, religious belief, clothing, housing, dance and their occupation.

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal will break the waist of Indian Mujahidin

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal is a big success in the war against terrorism. However, this study says, instead of celebrating this achievement, we should find out what the plans of Pakistan are vis-a-vis India and the kind of strategy to be adopted by it in future. Nevertheless, to sum, arrest of Bhatkal could be said a enormous deed in a small picture.

What ails India foreign policy?

India's foreign policy does not have the elements of professionalism. This question is vexing India whether the next government will also continue with the loose foreign policies of Bajpayee and Manmohan governments. This critique is of the view that the foundation of a compromising nature of element was laid down during the tenure of Bajpayee (1999-2004). Manmohan Singh simply treaded on this line. The legacy of weakness of our foreign policy forms the subject of this discussion.

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 VS Nokia Lumia 720 Detailed Comparison and features

Micromax has launched its best smartphone till date and that too at a cheap price. It is the Canvas 4. This article deals with all the features of Canvas 4 along with its pros and cons. Know the best features of Canvas 4. Also I have compared Canvas 4 with Nokia Lumia 720. Both have similar price and so I have compared all features and listed the pros and cons of Lumia 720 and Canvas 4. The cheap websites to buy Lumia and Canvas are listed from where you can buy the phones at a cheaper rate than market.

Chennai express music review

Chennai express is the latest movie directed by Rohit Shetty starring Sharukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. It is stated for Diwali release in 2013 and the this article is a short review on the same album composed by Vishal Shekar combo.

How churches raise their funds to support their activities.

In this resource article we are going to learn how a church raises its funds. The various modes of fund raising methods including special fund raising events , pledges taken by worshippers, giving at freewill , sale of articles and identifying church sponsors are some of the methods discussed here.
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