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MGM Dizzee world details about the route, rides, timings, entry fee & contact address

Do you want to spend your summer vacation in MGM Dizzee world? Here is something useful for you. This resource "MGM Dizzee World Details about the route, rides, timings, entry fee & contact address" gives you all the complete details about the MGM amusement park in Chennai. Read the article to gather all the details about MGM Dizzee world.

Upcoming Roller Skating Rink in Nanganallur, Chennai

Nanganallur Roller Skaters Development Association is setting up a rink at the 100 feet road Nanganallur near Hindu mission Hospital which will be open for the public to go crazy about this sport which is expected to be opened in June 2011, read on to find out more details

Dash-n-Splash amusement park in Chennai, Tamilnadu

This resource provides you information about Dash-n-Splash amusement park in Chennai. Features of Dash-n-Splash amusement park in Chennai, Facilities available in Dash-n-Splash amusement park, Visiting Hours of Dash-n-Splash amusement park in Chennai, Entry Fee for Dash-n-Splash theme park in Chennai and contact details of Dash-n-Splash theme park in Chennai.

Animals and Birds in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, Tamilnadu

This resource gives the details of Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary in Tamilnadu. The profile, Animals, accommodations and other information about Mudumalai is also presented in this resource. This resource also exhibits the transport facility, Nearest places to Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.

Dolphin City Amusement Park in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Dolphin City Amusement Park is one of the theme parks located in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Read this article to know more information like the timings of Dolphin City Amusement Park, contact details of doldin city, how to reach dolphin city, other features of the dolphin city and more.
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