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Tamil Medicine and Disease Treatment

This is about Tamil Medicine and Treatment,Siddha maruthuvam in Tamilnadu,Ayurveda Medicine in Tamilnadu,Disease Diagnosis and Tamil medicine Treatment, Growth of Tamil medicine Treatment,Tamil Medicine and Disease Treatment.

Herbal Beauty Care and Common Herbal Plants in Tamilnadu

From this article Herbal Beauty Care and Common Herbal Plants in Tamilnadu. you can get the details of herbal beauty tips and treatment, Homemade products for hair, skin fairness and nail. Get remedies for dry skin. Aloe Vera plant, Apricot, Castor Oil, Cucumber and Mint leaves in beauty product preparation.

Eye beauty tips for Tamil Girls

This is about Eye beauty tips for Tamil Girls. Eyes are the beautiful organs of human body. Get the information about food for eye, Sleep and care to maintain beauty of Eye

Fruits - the nature's gift

When can we eat fruits? The Answer is very simple. Even in the morning, at empty stomach we can eat fruits. If we eat like that we get immediate results. All the nutrition's in the fruit will give more strength to body.

Medicinal Plant Aloe Vera in Tamilnadu

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Belching is a common problem but do not take it for granted that it happens due to overeating.
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