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How to start a restaurant business in India

If you have an idea to start a business related to food industry, restaurant business is the best choice to shine in your career. Person with some basic knowledge of business, cooking interest, much engrossed in service industry and hospitality can handle this business successfully. The profit level in this business is very high but the risk factors are also there, so it is very necessary to follow certain steps before jumping into this dicey business.

Top 5 Indian Kitchen Medicines in Disease Cure

This is the information on top 5 Indian kitchen medicines and disease Cure. Indian kitchen is the best medicine cabinet. The spices or herbs we use to add taste and aroma to our food can be beneficial to cure various health problems also. Medicinal properties of kitchen ingredient like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic and clove are given in this article.

Hair Transplant and its cost in India

This is the information about hair transplant and its cost in India. In the present situation most of the people are bald. The number is more in male than female. There are many dermatological methods to grow hair in bald head. Hair transplant is the final method people choose after getting all hair growth treatment. This is a permanent solution for baldness problem.

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal will break the waist of Indian Mujahidin

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal is a big success in the war against terrorism. However, this study says, instead of celebrating this achievement, we should find out what the plans of Pakistan are vis-a-vis India and the kind of strategy to be adopted by it in future. Nevertheless, to sum, arrest of Bhatkal could be said a enormous deed in a small picture.

India needs Narsimha Rao type of political leadership for economic reforms

During the course of this economic crisis, the article is feeling the necessity of the type of political direction of the type of Narsimha Rao for economic reforms in the present scenario. Rao had made the economic reform process possible in political form during such a turbulent time when his own party was heaping hurdles on his way in this big task.

What ails India foreign policy?

India's foreign policy does not have the elements of professionalism. This question is vexing India whether the next government will also continue with the loose foreign policies of Bajpayee and Manmohan governments. This critique is of the view that the foundation of a compromising nature of element was laid down during the tenure of Bajpayee (1999-2004). Manmohan Singh simply treaded on this line. The legacy of weakness of our foreign policy forms the subject of this discussion.

India facing situations akin to financial emergency

PM has said there is nothing like the 1991 type of economic crises in India. However, this study stresses the crisis in 2013 is more serious than 1991. An emergency like situation seems developing due to the record fall of rupee. Economic system is not one sided. This is operated by the political system prevailing in a country. The government could not provide the political system for a liberalized economy as was expected of it resulting in an all round failures.

Genetically modified food crops aggravating agriculture crisis in India

The government intention is to give a go ahead to Genetically modified crops that would prove fatal for Indian farmers. This article says now is the turn of smaller Indian farmers after America to withstand the worst of the decision. GM crops would destroy the farming of India. This is something sort of biological terrorism and inimical to the interests of humankind. This dissertation tries to explain the ill consequences of Genetically modified crops.

Preparation of the delicious South Indian Dish 'Dosha'

The article describes how to prepare dosha. Dosha, is a common South Indian dish. Dosha is a very delicious and healthy dish. There are several types of dosha, masala dosha , ghee dosha & thattu dosha being the most common & preferred varieties. Here is how to prepare it step by step.
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