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Quick and Easy Chicken Momos/Dumplings Recipe

Momos/Dumplings/Wantons are famous in whole India. There are stalls on every nook and corner which sells these delicious hot, steamy and mouth watering momos. They have different names in every region, but taste is one and only one, which hits the heart. So why go outside and hunt for unhygienic plate when you can make your own platter at home?

Authentic traditional Mutton curry recipe

This recipes is purely traditional which is made in some parts of Karnataka. Mutton curry is delicious served with hot plain rice, chapatis, idly, dosa, and tastes best with ragi ball. This is obviously for those who like a spice in their dishes. This dishes can be easily made in pressure cooker.

Chicken Biriyani recipes to prepare at home

Chicken Biriyani are among the highly relished food among the non vegetarian recipes. They taste fine and well especially when cooked in electric cookers. This particular style of cooking is surely helpful for the busy workaholics, who still wish to opt for the home made food.

Easy Indian Chicken Curry Recipe

If you enjoys eating Chicken curry then here is a quick and easy Chicken curry Recipe in Indian style of cooking. The step by step guidance will let you cook it without any fuss and would taste better than a restaurant curry.

Recipe for preparing tasty pepper chicken curry

Are you a lover of pepper chicken curry? Interested people used to cook it. The result is positive only for some. Cooking is a talent and you should not spend time but your interest in bringing out the food delicious. In this article,I have given successful preparation of healthy, delicious pepper chicken curry. People who feel hatred to cook may also become interested after reading this article.

Celebrity chef recipes of Championship barbeque & Darjeeling tea-roast chicken

Eating everyday out for your favorite chicken dishes may not be quite pocket-friendly. This resource brings you exclusive chicken recipes by celebrity chefs which you can easily prepare and savor or impress guests at home. The resource holds recipes of barbeque half chicken by Chef Ashutosh Jha of TGI Friday, Darjeeling tea-roast chicken by star Chef Vineet Bhatia of Michelin.

How to make bamboo chicken recipe?

Bamboo chicken is a very delicious and nutritionally rich dish made by stuffing bamboo with chicken and then cooked on coal.This dish is prepared by tribal people of India. Bamboo chicken has a very nice aroma and you will definitely want to take a bite of it! This dish can be served as a snack or a side dish.

Xukan Machor Chutney (Dried Fish Chutney) Recipe

In this resource, I am going to share a kind of Chutney from Assamese Cuisine, which is popularly known as Xukan Machor Chutney. This is a Chutney which you can have along with your main course, specially with steamed rice or roti.

How to make palatable recipe "Chicken Pulao"

In this recipe, I give you an overview of the ingredients used, time of preparation, method of preparation of finger smacking, sumptuous Chicken Pulao that everybody at home will love to gorge on. This recipe is easy to make and can be served hot with raita or curd.

Crispy bread bonda recipe

This resource is about the crispy bread bonda recipe. This is very simple , tasty and crispy recipe. This is an instant and nutricious recipe. Whole wheat bread is made from whole wheat or bran which is very high in fibre and awesome and nutricious.
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