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A journey through Karnataka

In this article I will give a brief description of the places & tourist attractions in Karnataka. Karnataka is a land blessed with many fascinating worlds. Discover ageless monuments, world heritage sites, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, spectacular waterfalls, romantic hill stations, timeless temples, pristine beaches, exhilarating adventure sports and vibrant art & culture.

Karnataka Citizens’ Charter – A boon for citizen

Read this article to know about the Karnataka guarantee of services to citizens Act, 2011 proposed by the Ste Government of Karnataka. This act proposes to give the concerned services for which the citizens when they approach the concerned department service within a time schedule. The act has provision to penalize the defaulting employees. The aim of the Government is to bring transparency in governance.

History of Karnataka State

In this article I have taken the History of the Karnataka State to talk about. I have included the past rulers and kingdoms of Karnataka to talk about this concerned topic. I hope this article can be useful for you to know about the history of Karnataka.
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