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Disadvantages of eating broiler chicken

Chicken is most commonly killed and eaten bird all over the world. The variety of tasty dishes are prepared out of chicken and enjoyed by most of the non vegetarian human beings. But along with the taste and some nutritious values of chicken there are plenty of disadvantages of eating broiler chicken. Let's take a look over some of the drawbacks of broiler chicken.

Rupee will spoil the joy of festivities this year

The impact of weak rupee shall be felt now on inflation. Prices would further escalate. The weakening rupee is bent on spoiling the joy of coming festivals says this write up. This would leave its trails on the cuisines to be cooked during the festivals including the electronic equipments.

Different types of oils used in Indian cooking

In this article we will learn about different types of cooking oils available in market. We will find out which oil is healthy for us, what its benefits are and what precautions one should take while using particular oil for cooking. We will also know about the correct way of using our cooking oils.
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