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Cabinet Minister list of CM Jagadish Shettar

Jagadish Shettar has been appointed as new Chief Minister of Karnataka State. With new portfolio in his belt, he has decided on working on Deputy CM and other team to get the Cabinet portfolio setup.

Karnataka Chief Ministers from 1947 - till date

Karnataka state was formed in year 1956 from states of Mysore and renamed in 1973 as Karnataka. Karnataka's official langauge is Kannada and has seen many ups and down in the political arena of the state.

The relationship of riots with politics

We and not the government will have to be active to avert a second a calamity like Muzaffernagar in future, concurs this dissertation. The mistake that we are committing is that we are not looking within our hearts. During the delicate times of violence, we have been adding fuel to the fire. If we could met out hard punishment to the administration at fault, perhaps no second Muzaffernagar will happen in future. The article suggests some remedial cure to this vexatious problem also.

Political Parties in Karnataka State

With Karnataka gearing up for the general state assembly, there are many parties which will play a vital role in the formation of the government. Many small and independent candidates will also make in road in the politics of Karnataka Assembly. Find the list of current political parties in the Karnataka State

Get your voter id card online now

Karnataka has become the first state in the country to provide the Voter id card online, in association with MNC providing technical support for the same. As per Government the Voter id card will be issued in month time.
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