Cross promote your posts by linking your resources each other

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Cross promote your posts by linking your resources each other

Google and other search engines use a very complex algorithm to determine which page to show in a search result. One of the important aspect is the number of links to that page from other sites. (Of course title, summary and content of the page is equally important).

There are 2 types of links you can get to a page:

1. Internal links (links from other pages in the same site)
2. Links from External sites (links from other websites with the same or similar topics).

Links from non related pages are NOT very useful.

Links from external sites are more useful than internal links, but they are hard to get.

But it is quite easy to make internal links.

If you post multiple resources in a site, you can easily cross link them. Cross link means provide links from each of your pages to other pages.

Rules for internal links

* When you create links, make sure you use appropriate keywords as anchor text. Do not use words like "click here", "this link" etc as clickable link.

* From each post, you may give links to 3 to 5 other resources you posted in the same site. More than 1 link per paragraph is not recommended.

* We do not allow linking to external sites, but we do allow linking to your own posts within this site. Also, linking to posts in our sister sites are also allowed.

* Do not use attributes like target="_blank" and rel="nofollow" should NOT be used with internal links.

In case of links to our partner site, you can use target="_blank" but not rel="nofollow".

* Do not include in the url of the internal links. For example:

Bad internal link: Read more about <a href=''>Windows 8</a> in our website.

Good internal link: Read more about <a href='/articles/Windows-8.aspx'>Windows 8</a> in our website.

As you can see, in the good example, I have excluded the portion from the hyperlink.

(This rule is not applicable for any external links including our partner sites. Link to any site other than this site should include the full url).

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