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    How to write better at Social Village?

    Hello Everyone

    Below are mentioned the requirements in your write up. Kindly go through it and feel free to put up any comments, or queries.

    Through this forum, we are laying down the suggestions and requirements we will expect when you would write an article. These guidelines are in addition to the Topic submission guidelines mentioned here.

    Topic phrase distribution

    Decide on the topic that you want to focus on. Write down your topic on a rough piece of paper in no more than 2 to 3 words. Now as your pen or type your thoughts, mention your topic name once in a while. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many times you should include the topic name. But do not overcrowd your write-up with your topic name. Keep your write-up flowing naturally, but do not even forget to mention your topic name. As a rough measure, mention your topic name once in 2 paragraphs, a paragraph being 80 to 100 words.

    Outbound links

    It is a well-known practice to refer to a source of information and write in your own words. One should also include unique information so that your reader will find something new in it. But it is always good to give a link to your reference article. Thus, make sure that the external link is to a highly valued resource.


    Images give more value and appeal to your write-up. An image brings in colour. It breaks the monotonous nature of words on white background.

    No images appear on this page. Add some self-taken images. Images from websites with creative commons licenses are also acceptable with courtesy links. Some examples are, and images from Wikipedia.

    Internal links

    Think of internal links like streets and alleys. The gallis around your homes become shortcuts to various areas. They help your reader to quickly access other related articles, upsell and cross-sell product pages, and things to buy any related material. But again, adding too many internal links becomes an irritation. Having too many small streets disturbs primary road traffic and leads to congestion. Thus a few internal links are good. One link in approximately 100 words is good.

    Summary of your Topic

    The summary is the first thing read by your readers and also by Search Engines. Keep it precise, deliver the whole message that your article would give and within 50 words.

    Write Up length

    While one may write a short or a long essay, it is wise to keep your article length between 600 to 1000 words. If possible, include a table of contents to help your reader know what they are going to read.

    Subheading distribution

    Just like breaking your essay into separate paragraphs is a good practice, giving these paragraph headings is also useful. Subheadings tell your reader what they are going to read in the ensuing paragraph. Also adding lists in your paragraphs helps your reader to parse through it easily.

    Transition words

    Transition words help to build relationships in your write-up. One part easily connects to the other and creates a meaningful story. It is always good to have an easy flow, rather than leave your reader in a confused state. Some examples of transition words are:

    • Therefore

    • In other words

    • However

    • For instance

    • Above all

    • In addition

    • After that

    • Similarly

    • In conclusion

    Passive voice

    Using passive voice sentences in your write-up makes it feel old, distant and outdated. To explain a simple thing, a lot of words are used leaving the reader feeling bored.

    Consecutive sentences

    Avoid using the same word to begin sentences one after the other. Keep a lot of variety in your sentences

    Paragraph length

    The length of your write-up paragraph can either attract or distract your reader. Having too many short and tiny paragraphs is distractive, long paragraphs are boring. Keep a paragraph limited to a sub-topic. Try and keep it between 75 to 150 words.

    Sentence length

    Try reading a long sentence and you will be out of breath! A sentence that is more than 20 words long is too wordy. A sentence of 10 to 15 words is good to read.

    Inclusive language

    Topics with good use of words with local dialect words can be considered good writing practice. What would be the use if your reader does not understand? What would be the benefit if your reader needs to refer to the dictionary time and again to understand the words? And what would be the use if they decide to skip and move on? Simple words used in daily conversation are the best way to write an Topic.
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    This post has provided good tips and guidance for creating effective articles. I think these would be helpful to all of us while creating articles for publishing in this site.

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    Dear Umesh
    Thank you for your feedback. I recommend that you take a screenshot of the guidelines and save it with you. While you are a good content writer, these few ideas may be helpful for you in enhancing your write up quality.

    Check out all Help guidelines from Social Village

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