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    Express yourself with an Emoji! 🤩

    An expression cannot be completely expressed without an image. And so was the saying until a decade or so back. Until then black text on a white background was an internet standard. Most of us were used to such a monotonous way of looking at our computer screens. A few websites and things here and there were present that would put up images. But the images were pixelated, and low resolution to avoid extra bandwidth usage. If I remember correctly, we used to think in terms of bandwidth and the time required to open a web page. But now that's gone! Images, Videos are now a mainstay in any write-ups and thus came Emojis! First introduced for chatting in GTalk and Skype, they are now an everyday thing in our lives.😇

    Emojis help us express feelings that may not be passed on correctly and completely in text. I remember we used to make emojis using shortcuts on the keyboard. :) :D So why not use them on our SocialVillage website? The name of the SocialVillage website itself says that express social and Emojis are your best friends to put up your feelings!

    How do I use an Emoji on SocialVillage?

    So according to Emojipedia, there are more than 3600 Emojis that can be used to express your feelings. So many Emojis are more than enough to express almost all feelings. And yet new Emojis are added every year. To use an Emoji on SocialVillage, I recommend visiting the Emojipedia website. Go through the various emojis they have put up on the website. They also have a search bar. Once you find your emoji to use, simply select and highlight it, copy and then come back to the SocialVillage page and paste it! Thats it.

    I recommend you all try and use an Emoji or two in each of your write-ups. It will bring some additional flavour to your writing. What's more, it will also help improve the retention of readers on your write-up.🚀

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    This sounds fun! I wanted to confirm whether the emojis from the website that you have provided are free to use and will not have any copyright issues if members liberally use them here.

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