Be judicious while ideas spring up

Spring is one of the seasons which the different inhabitants love the most. Nature's beauty is at its peak with various flowers, birds and butterflies. Weather is loveable, and so is the energy level of human beings during the season. Spring is not about a season only; it also has a deep connection with human emotion and thought processes.

Every month, the members of the Social Village site wait for the topic-based contest, and why not? It's an opportunity for the members to ponder on it, and that's when ideas spring up and then try to pen down the best one. At times, ideas even overflow. Some of them might be extraordinarily good, and some could be horrible. Similarly, our lives spring up in positive and negative moments. That's when people need to be cautious and virtuous.

Human beings have emotions, but how and when an emotion will spring up in an individual is very difficult to understand. Thus, life surrounded by good and bad thoughts springs up complexities in lives that throw ample challenges to a person. One must have the sense to judge and follow the right, else accepting the wrong will ruin life. So, it's always judicious to be farsighted regarding the thoughts springing up in our minds. Without it, life may take a wrong turn.

My submission for:
March 2024 Topic-based contest - Spring