Copy right issues and reproduced content

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Copy right issues and reproduced content

We do not allow reproducing content from any other sources. This include content from:

1. other websites
2. news papers
3. books
4. other printed material
6. speeches by someone
5. any other content sources

In short, any content you post should be self written by you, using your own ideas. You may refer to various other sources before you prepare the content, but should not use the same words and sentences from that source.

There are 2 issues involved in reproducing content:

1. Copy right violation issues.
Any content you find in other sources are copy righted to the original author. You are not allowed to reproduce it anywhere without written permission from the original author.

2. Duplicate Content issues with Search Engines
When search engines find that a site has content reproduced from other sources, they are smart enough to detect which one is original and it will give some negative marks to the copied sites. We do not want to be black marked by search engines.

Due to this reason, we do not allow reproducing content from other sources even if you have received written permission to reproduce the content.

Reproducing your own articles from your website or blog to this site

We do not allow reproducing your own blog/articles in our sites, if they are already published elsewhere, due to duplicate content issues.

There is an exception to this: You may republish your article in this site if you have given a link to the post in this site from the corresponding page in other sites where you have published that article already.

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