How to get AdSense applications approved

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How to get AdSense applications approved

In this page, you can find various tips, suggestions and best practices to get your Google AdSense application approved.

Google may not approve your AdSense application for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are you have not provided sufficient information in your application or you have violated AdSense policies in the past. (Even if your application is approved once, Google may dis approve your AdSense account later, if you violate any of the AdSense policies.)

The following steps assume that you have used your profile page as your website address in your Google AdSense applciation.

Do not try to cheat or trick Google. It is very important to follow the rules and stick to the AdSense policies.

1. The name you provided in your Google AdSense application must exactly match with the name displayed in your profile page. Edit your profile and use your correct full name.

2. Edit your profile and provide additional information including gender, age group, hobby, employer name, country, state etc. Additional information adds reliability to your profile.

3. Provide a detailed description (atleast 250 words) in your profile so that your profile page will not look empty. Include details like your brief biography, your native place, educational background, college details, hobbies, future plans, what are your future plans & goals in life etc etc. If our English is not reasonably good, take help from someone to your profile profile description.

4. Google allows only 1 AdSense account per person. In case of applications from India, Google generally reject duplicate applications from the same address even though this 'same address rule' is not officially published by Google. So, if another person in the same or similar address have applied for AdSense earlier, it is a good idea to use a different, family relative's address in your Google AdSense application.(Please don't ask 'how do I know if another person from a similar address have already applied ?'. Use your common sense and figure out. For example, if you are using a hostel address, there is a possibility that another person living in the same hostel would have used the same hostel address).

5. Duplicate applications from same Ip Address are okay, as long as the Payee name and address are different.

6. Include your original photo in your profile page. You may delete the photo after you get your AdSense approved. (Never use photos of movie stars etc. If you are too concerned about your privacy, it is better NOT to have a photo than having an non-original photo.) Adding photo is not a requirement from Google, but it will create a good impression when reviewers look at your profile.

7. Don't apply for AdSense account as soon as you join this site. Wait at least few months until you have got enough quality content posted by you. Google has a requirement that the site must be at least 6 months old before anyone can apply for AdSense account. In case of applications from our sites, Google has not asked us to enforce this rule. However, we suggest you to wait for 6 months to make sure you are meeting all requirements to get AdSense application approval.

8. We allow you to apply for AdSense account as soon as you reach GOLD level. However, this does not mean that you should immediately apply for AdSense as soon as you reach that level. Wait until you post lot of good quality content, have received some prizes from us and have established a good credibility in this site. That will increase your chances of getting your AdSense application approved.

9. If your application is rejected once for no valid reason, then wait few months before you re apply.

10. Edit your profile and include links to your best 5 resources in the profile description. Use the titles of the resources as anchor text in the links. Give a heading something like My recent articles. The idea is to convince Google that you are a great author. So, pick the best ones which are optimized for search engines. When Google review team look at your profile, they should see your best posts first without having to spend much time. Also, by providing quick links to best posts, you may avoid them reaching your not-so-good posts. With a quick look at your profile, they should get the impression that you are smart guy.

11. Remove all custom scripts, counters, poor quality links, smileys, funny pictures, jokes etc from your profile.

12. Google requires that you must be atleast 18 year old before you can apply for AdSense. See details here:

So, when you apply for AdSense, if your profile indicates that you are a school student or entry level college student, the AdSense application reviewers may misunderstand that you are below 18 year old. So, make sure you do not provide misleading information in the profile.

Google suggests to have a parent apply for AdSense, if you are below 18 year old. In such cases, the profile should show the applying parent's information.

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