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    What is your mental image of a social village?

    It's exciting to be here! Surely we feel that excitement when we start something new and work towards developing it. So let me begin my journey here with the concept of this site's name, namely social village.

    In my mind, I conjure up the image of a large banyan tree that is at the center of a village. The local residents gather here during their leisure time to chat, read the newspaper, maybe munch peanuts, or take a snooze. Then there is the village well, another center point of general gossip and chit-chat. Other hubs where people may gather are the post office, the grocery store, the open ground where kids play, a pond or riverbank...

    What pops up in your mind?
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    People are very much used to social networking these days but it's something different when you are in a village that helps you to socialize in terms of providing your views on happenings around our society. It's more than a network and a place where you can discuss things that are important for everyone in society. It's a place where there is a lot of greenery as usual which indicates much less pollution than the city yet an ideal atmosphere to engage in discussions.

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    That is true. During my childhood, I was staying in a village. That village was having a panchayat office on the banks of a village tank. By the side of the building, there was a big tree and in the evenings' people used to gather. The village panchayat office was having a radio and every day the programmes on agriculture and cultivation were being heard by the farmers of the village by gathering there. I used to go there with my grandfather and we both used to play chess there for some time. People used to discuss various points pertaining to the village. If we can develop this site also like a useful place for various people, we can see good traffic for this site also,

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    This is quite interesting, I remember my school days when my friend and I used to reach school shortly before the start of prayer and in prayer ground, standing under the shade of such trees, we talked a lot, and as soon as the prayer bell rang, we started running. Thus social discussions in an open field have their own pleasure. A small discussion with your friends or members can make your day, I hope we will provide many more social discussions here too.

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    Social Village appears to be a place where we can discuss various matters related to various disciplines covering a variety of topics. So, it is an opportunity to share our ideas about anything that is worth discussing. Learning and experience gaining will be another advantage that will come its way through these interactions.

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    I'm very interested in discussing social related issues as the background of my study has been social. It would prove a great site for discussing various topics. We will learn more through this site.

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