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My congratulations to Shampa Sadhya and Partha K, the winners of topic based contest 'Comeback'. Forum Responsesp ramachandran23 Sep 2023
So Sir, what are the ground realities? Should we expect that terribly corrupt party of Udayanidhi-RForum ResponsesPartha K.23 Sep 2023
Partha Sir, you have every right to day dream. Please go ahead. Since you do not know anything aboutForum ResponsesAB Sivakumar22 Sep 2023
Thanks to the Editor for announcing the results very quickly and I appreciate his efforts for the saForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Sep 2023
Congratulations to the winners for this topic based contest in this site. It is good to see that a gForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Sep 2023
Sivakumar Sir, the grand festival of Pongal will arrive after around 119 days. Beautiful Tamil ladieForum ResponsesPartha K.21 Sep 2023
Partha Sir, we all know where your heart is. Pongal is a festival, where there is no caste or creed Forum ResponsesAB Sivakumar21 Sep 2023
Winners of the September’23 Topic-based contest - ComebackForumSankalan Bhattacharya20 Sep 2023
Sankalan Sir: My very limited contention is that if I forget to provide link, or unable to give linkForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Sep 2023
Partha K, Since the participants faced issues with providing links and mentioned them in the annoForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya19 Sep 2023
On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, may Lord Ganesha bless everyone with prosperity, gooForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya19 Sep 2023
Pongal is a special festival in almost all the states in the Southern states. Even in Andhra PradeshForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao19 Sep 2023
I agree! Hon'ble Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru Udayanidhi, has created so much social harmony throuForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Sep 2023
Witness social harmony in less than 120 days from nowForumAB Sivakumar19 Sep 2023
I hope this new trend will continue every monthForumPartha K.19 Sep 2023
A couple of threads are posted as contest entries but their links could not be provided here by the Forum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya19 Sep 2023
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the members ForumDr N V Srinivasa Rao18 Sep 2023
Avni, It is already mentioned in this announcement that you have to post a thread in the appropriForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Sep 2023
An excellent write-up on comeback. It is basically philosophical in nature. I like this write-up. Forum ResponsesPartha K.17 Sep 2023
So can we post our write up here Because it is still not letting paste the link And giving the meForum ResponsesAVNI17 Sep 2023
I have extended the last date of submission by a day and you can post entries till today. So hurry uForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya17 Sep 2023
To the Editor, Sankalan Bhattacharya, Yesterday, I tried to post the thread along with the link tForum ResponsesShampa Sadhya17 Sep 2023
The value of a comeback is immeasurableForumShampa Sadhya17 Sep 2023
I will request for extension of last date of submission so that members having difficulty in postingForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt17 Sep 2023
Shampa Sadhya, There may be some technical issues due to which you couldn't provide the link but Forum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya17 Sep 2023
My time got wasted. Failed to submit my write-up. It's a horrible experience. Forum ResponsesShampa Sadhya17 Sep 2023
Same here facing the same issueForum ResponsesAVNI16 Sep 2023
I tried to post a write-up on 'Comeback', but failed to do so. Constantly getting an alert: URLs Forum ResponsesShampa Sadhya16 Sep 2023
That is true. Many times people thought that his career was over. But he withstood the pressure and Forum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao16 Sep 2023
Nice explanation for the comeback. Adverse conditions are bound to happen in our lives. Getting disForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao16 Sep 2023
My entry for the contest is here: <a href=' ResponsesHakimuddin Kuwakhedawala16 Sep 2023
Most humbly and respectfully, I submit my second entry: <a href=" ResponsesPartha K.16 Sep 2023
He was destined to make an illustrious comebackForumPartha K.16 Sep 2023
Setbacks will always be there but a person who is not demotivated by them and keeps on doing effortsForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Sep 2023
The author has woven an interesting story about the young Dev who made a comeback inspite of meetingForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Sep 2023
This is my entry for this contest. <A HREF=' ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2023
One should convert their setbacks into comebacksForumDr N V Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2023
My humble submission: <a href=" ResponsesPartha K.15 Sep 2023
Beware! Nipah virus has made a comeback in KeralaForumPartha K.15 Sep 2023
Making a comeback is a real achievement. We all know failures are the stepping stones for success. FForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2023
Comebacks are always positive steps towards our success. We all will face setbacks. But worrying abForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2023
That is true. ISRO has come back with a fighting spirit and made the moon mission a success. Many tiForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2023
My entry for this contest - <a href=" ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Sep 2023
India's comeback in exploration of Moon's south pole region ForumUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Sep 2023
This is an interesting observation. Comeback is always a thing to appreciate because it paves way foForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Sep 2023
Here is my entry:- <a href=""tForum ResponsesDr. Sanchita Ranjan15 Sep 2023
The website is not letting me post the link ,it says only regular user or contributors are allowed tForum ResponsesAVNI15 Sep 2023
Come back are stronger than setbackForumDr. Sanchita Ranjan14 Sep 2023
Avni, You need to post a thread in the appropriate category and with a suitable title to participForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya13 Sep 2023
Make a Comeback that is WOWForumAVNI12 Sep 2023

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