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    When covid will end?

    As you all know, we have been facing coronavirus for more than one year. All activities have stopped due to coronavirus. One wave goes then second wave comes and after that announcement has been made for the third wave. After all, when will it get over? Many people are eager to know the answer to this question. Share your views about it.
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    Everyone is asking this question today but there is no straight answer for this and many scientist and researchers are engaged in scientific experiments and data analysis for getting a suitable answer. The virus is mutating fast and coming in new avatars and creating havoc in many places around the globe. It is hoped that when a large percentage of the population is vaccinated then only its effect of spreading could be controlled. Till then people have to take all precautions and adhere to the stipulated guidelines. It is difficult to do that but there is no other way and no other choice for the mankind at this juncture.

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    Do we have an answer? Nowhere in the world, such a situation was faced and nobody wants this situation to continue either but options are too few for us. The predictions of the researchers are based on facts and figures collated after studying the characteristics of different viruses and nobody should take this casually. Applying our sense and the break is essential and that's why we are regarded as the most intelligent species on the planet Earth. We should not engage in activities that we are not supposed to do and maintain appropriate behaviour. Our consciousness and concerted efforts can help us to manage the situation.

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