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    Welcome to Social Village!


    Wishing you all a very warm welcome to the most happening place -!

    Our community invites you to register as a member and start contributing quality content in the various sections. You will be rewarded with points that will help you progress to the next membership level, and with cash credits (cc in short) that will enable you to earn a small part-time income. Learn more here. By and by, you may also get to earn through AdSense once the site's application for the same is approved by Google.

    For a start, check out the unique categories created in the forum and bring up topics for discussion. We would also encourage you to contribute articles, especially focusing on finance, investments, business, marketing, insurance, and the like. Naturally, we expect quality content with good English and presented in your own words with no copied text or images.

    Read the Help Topics, and for clarifications on anything, you can raise a query in our forum. Before submitting an article, ensure that you go through the articles submission guidelines.

    Enjoy your experience on this buzzing platform!
    Cash Credits and AdSense earning programs are not available for May 2023.
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    Thank you for providing us with an educational platform. Here, we can contribute to our heart's content and, at the same time, continue to earn for our contribution. I hope that this site gets popular with lots of enthusiastic contributors.

    I am looking forward to reading catchy threads in the forum section and educational information in the article section. I cannot wait to contribute to this site. I wish all the best to all the members and a big thank you to the Social Village team.

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    Welcome, Reena. Actually, this is not merely an education platform in the sense that members need to post only education-related content. In fact, you will get an education through learning about myriad things by reading informative posts in the forum and articles! Members are welcome to post on other topics as well.

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    Wow, seems to be a nice site with no restrictions on the topics that one may write about. Looking forward to posting some quality content in the article section. In fact, have already posted one and awaiting its review by the editors.

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    Happy to be here. I think we can spend sometime here usefully. I am seeing all he members of ISC here also. Hope in no time this site will become popular like ISC and earn a good name. Congratulations to Vandana for her new role here. I think in her supervision this site may reach new heights. Wish you all a good time here. I think many more will come and start contributing here.

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    Nice to see the renewed activity in this site. Let us contribute to make it a leading discussion and knowledge sharing site.
    One thing that I observed here is that there are a large number of interesting articles on a variety of subjects and we can search and find a lot of information here.
    Recently, I was searching some information in Google and it gave a link to a page in this site. It was a pleasant feeling and shows that there is a lot of information here which the members and also the new members can use.

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    Glad to see a couple more members registered here, and looking forward to your contributions, not just in the forum, but in the various other sections, too.

    Dr Rao- thanks for your congratulatory wishes. Support from members is the key to the growth of this site.

    Umesh- happy to know that our site is having a ranking in search engines.

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    It is delightful to have Vandana as the Web Master of Social Village where we can key in about everything under the sky. I am sure this would be a more entertaining portal as the name suggests and at the same time, we learn while we earn and vice versa. We all together make it a leading platform in search engines.

    I have a query to the Web Master. Shall we use the links of ISC here in Social Village as clickable links?

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    Yes, you can give links in articles. However, only if the link is relevant you can put a link to an ISC page and it should open in a separate Tab. For example, if you are writing an article on finance, you can given a link to a course page of ISC or if you mention an educational institution, then you can give a link to the relevant page of ISC.

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    Happy to see the website active again. I had been writing contents in Indiastudychannel and Tamilspider. Due to certain reasons I could not be active.

    I will try to contribute articles once again.

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    Welcome, Mangala to our Social Village family! Glad to have you here, and looking forward to some quality articles from you. As mentioned, initially we would like members to focus on finance-related articles as much as possible.

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    Responding to WM Vandana's invitation in, I have today joined Social Village.
    Being a novice here, I may be a bit tottering at first, and hence will be in an exploratory mood initially before stabilising.
    While it gives pleasure to be with some familiar member names in ISC here too I also hope to meet and interact via this site with many new talents and veterans too.

    Seek your co-operation and support.

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    Venkiteswaran C S,

    Welcome to our social village family! We are really happy to see a stalwart like you here and definitely your presence will create a dynamic impact.

    No problem in tottering; after all, we are all new to this site, including myself and a few others who, like me, may have registered much earlier, but are starting our baby steps in contributions only now. I have created multiple categories in the forum under a unique category of 'Community Nook'. The aim was to have them in a fun way, as pairs, covering diverse topics. So you can check out the text put at the top of each to get an idea of what you can put up for discussions. As mentioned, we welcome articles, too, and would like to start with a focus on finance and investment and allied areas.

    Looking forward to your contributions. Have a good journey here!

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