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    Do you think some people are nowadays excessively obsessed about fitness?

    It really astonishes me when somebody gets carried away by reading something on how important it is to stay not just healthy, but also fit by exercising regularly. Now I agree that we all should avoid a wholly sedentary lifestyle, just sitting at our work desk or on couches in front of the TV and other than moving from one room to another or going to the market, are not really doing any exercise. Yes, we do need to stretch from time to time and step outside for a breath of fresh air and walk around a bit. However, there are people who take it to the extreme.

    Let's consider some examples-
    Taking a protein supplement
    Going daily to the gym and doing a workout on the treadmill
    Getting a smartwatch to monitor the exact number of steps taken while walking

    Don't you think it is advisable to, first of all, consult a physician before taking any supplements or exercising in any manner? And why on earth is it so essential to know how many steps you took during your walk? Just enjoy the experience of being outdoors and be aware of your surroundings.
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    Well, what to say about others when I myself am a bit obsessive about fitness. However, let me clarify that I do not take any protein supplements nor do I go to the gym daily. In fact, my exercise routine involves hitting the gym 3-4 days a week. I do a mix of exercises, cardio as well as weight training. But I never reach out for the extremes. I lift moderate weights and try to bring variety to the exercise regime, so as not to make it too repetitive. My idea is to remain healthy by doing regular exercise. As for taking supplements, I do agree one should consult an expert. Instead of supplements, it is better to take food that is protein-rich. Counting the number of steps should also be a strict no-no. Better to keep track of the time duration instead.

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    Good to know you are doing some exercises to stay fit. I am not against going to the gym and using various equipment there. What I do not approve is the manner in which some people do so, going to the extreme despite having some health issues, even. We've read reports of people, even those who are in their youth, suddenly collapsing due to needless over strain. They want to zealously follow what celebrities do, to develop muscles and abs and whatnot just to show off on their social media pages!

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    Covid19 learnt us how important is to have good health. After covid people are being more health conscious. They think that without good health we can't do anything in life. Yoga is a compulsory period in many schools. Exercise is indeed compulsory for good health.

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    Yes, Vandana, the main idea should be fitness rather than developing muscles or ab. In case one is desperate for muscles then they should train under an expert only and not of their own. In fact, I too once suffered an injury on my elbow by taking too much weight. Since then I have been doing moderate exercises. With respect to Yoga, Dr Sanchita, I too have plans, but yet to start.

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    I agree with the author. These days some people are overdoing it. Exercise is important and no doubt about it. But in addition to take some time for exercise people are not eating properly and sufficiently in the name of dieting. These actions are giving some health problems also.
    Too much is never desirable. Eat well. Eat good food and then do exercise that is required to you. One of my relative purchased a rod from Amazon for pull ups. That rod can be fixed in the door of our house and we can do the exercise. He went for a walk and then had some pull ups in the Gym. After coming back home he started taking pull ups and slipped down and got his back broken. He was on bed for 3 months.
    In addition to this, many people started advertising their own schemes for reduction in weight and they say so and so did it and lost weight. These people will get attracted to such advertisements.

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    In earlier times, people were doing a lot of physical work and were very busy in the fields and household work and probably they didn't need any formal exercises. By the time the night fell they were so tired that they took their food and went to deep sleep and next morning they were as fresh as any other day.
    Today, we are living in a world where our life is very sedentary and we are not bothered for any exercise because we are most of the time working on our mobile or laptop or office desk and we feel that we do not have time for undertaking an exercise.
    It is a fact that now people have to undergo some sort of exercise to compensate for their long sitting hours on computer or sedentary life style. So, some exercises are required on a regular basis.
    The problem is that some people are too much obsessed about exercising and are spending a lot of time on it. That is also not a very correct thing because we should have balance in our lives. We must exercise but limited to our requirement and it makes sense to talk to some health expert or physiotherapist or some related expert about this before embarking upon an ambitious exercise program.

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    It is good that there is P.T. and, in recent years, yoga as well in schools. Nowadays children spend too much time with gadgets and less time outdoors. You hardly even see them running around playing with other kids.

    As for adults, yes, we often realize a little late that we ought to have been consistent in doing those exercises our Dr recommended! Only when, for example, it reaches the extreme of painful knees and stiff shoulders that we wake up to the necessity of stretching, and yes doing physiotherapy is definitely beneficial especially since it will be done with proper care under his/her supervision.

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    Recently we have observed various news items in the media about people getting fainted or in some extreme cases getting heart attacks while exercising for long hours or long runs or even dancing for long durations during functions or gatherings. Experts say that whenever there are some underlying ailments in the body or there are some weaknesses in the lungs or vital parts like that then excessive exercise can be harmful for a person.
    So it would be better to consult a qualified physiotherapist or doctor who can guide us properly in the matter

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    Yes. I feel so.
    I used to joke that nowadays people spend 1000 rupees at a time in a restaurant, overeat or binge eat, and then spend 10000rupees in a gem to reduce obesity.

    Just a few days back, I read a news that a young (supposedly healthy)Gym trainer died du to overuse of fitness drugs.
    We also heard young people die at gyms during work out or play.

    Yes, many people are nowadays over obsessed with fitness .This is because of the unnecessary -direct or indirect- propaganda and half truth, marketing hypes, in social media and main media. including movies.

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