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    There's a mouse in my house!

    About a year ago, we had a nightmarish situation at home. A few rats entered our house (ugh!), possibly due to the roadside drains that had been opened in the locality for cleaning by the local municipal corporation. We did manage to catch them in rat traps.

    A couple of weeks ago, it seems yet again we have an unwanted guest (ugh again!). This time, though, so far we've not been successful in capturing it. I put the same biscuits as last time, grapes even, but it has not been successful. Our servant suggested pakodas and we tried that as well, first with onions, and yesterday with potatoes. The food remained in the traps on every occasion, so nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestions on how to capture the mouse? Note that we don't want to put poison as it might eat it and die in some dark corner, which would be another nightmare. Also, we would like to be humane, just catch it in the trap and release it outdoors.
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    Well, with all such conditions, it will be definitely difficult to catch the intruder. But I am wondering why the trap is not working. Maybe you need to give some more time for the trap to work. One or the other day, night in fact, it will definitely get lured and enter the trap thus sealing its fate. There is one sticky pad available in the market that you may use. It costs 50-100 rupees depending upon the size and can be used one time only. It has a sticky surface where the rat gets stuck if it happens to walk across it. You need to place the pad at an opportune location most frequented by the rodent. If even that doesn't work, then I am afraid using the poison cakes would be the next best option. In most cases after eating the cake, the rat goes outside the house and dies (this is what they say about these so-called cakes). If at all it dies inside, you may still find them after some searching. Apart from these, there are a few other ways of trapping these rodents, but most of them use food as bait, which anyway is not working for this special rat at your home. Do let us know in case you have any success in catching the intruder.

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    6 month back I had a terrible time in my house with a mouse. Mouse has not entered my house but started choking my waste water pipe line and all the pipes got choked. I called the plumber and he told that that is due to a mouse. I purchased a mouse trap and waited for 2 days. No mouse got trapped. Then I bought some sticky pads where mouse is supposed to come got struck to that pad. Nothing such incident happened. No mouse is visible. The pipe line is cleaned. But after again 10 days, the mouse started closing the pipeline. Then I was forced to change the pipeline. After changing the pipeline, there is no problem. I even tried rat poison mixed in food and kept near the place but no use. I think mousse also are getting updated with latest developments and finding remedies for the same.

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    We also had a similar problem in our house when a rat entered and started living in our kitchen and sometimes skipping to one of the bedrooms. It was very difficult to catch it. We used some traps also but the rat didn't enter the traps due to reasons known to the rat only.
    As giving poison was not a human choice we settled for a sticky pad. The pad was about 6 into 9 inches size and we placed some small food item in the centre of it. Next morning we saw the rat stick to the glue on the pad and was trying and struggling to get out of it so what we did is we took the pad to the nearby park and put some oil on the glue and using a wooden stick removed the legs of rat from it. The job took considerable time for releasing the rat out of that pad but after some efforts we made it free and it ran to the corner of the park.
    It is advisable to keep the pad late in night say around 12 PM or 1 AM so that the rat is captured for a few hours and we release it in the morning. If kept for long it would die.

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    The sticky pad idea is really yucky! No way I am trying that out. I will stick to the rat trap method with varying types of food, and hopefully will catch it because, as I mentioned, the traps were very successfully used earlier.

    Dr Rao's humorous comment about the rat getting updated with latest developments made me laugh. Indeed, even my sister jokingly said the mouse seems to have an IQ when it was discovered that it had nibbled away a bit of the edge of my woolen blanket when we were in the outer room and had switched off the lights in the inside room, basically staying away from us outside and smartly roaming around inside.

    We had read up about rat traps and the main advice is that you should keep the trap in the darkest corner, flush against the wall (parallel to the wall) and cover it from the top if it is not wholly dark, such as a street light shining into the area.

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