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    Do you use microwave for preparing dishes?

    Microwave is a utility item in our kitchens but unfortunately many of us use it only for heating the food. Very few people use it for preparing full-fledged dishes.
    In microwave cooking one can cook the food with small amount of oil or even without oil. Microwave cooks the food based on the moisture and water present in the raw material. So what we do is that we ascertain that there is sufficient water in the dish we are cooking in the microwave. If it is a dry vegetable then we put some water before hand based on the time of cooking and type of food and then by the time it is fully cooked it will be in a good shape. By mistake if we don't mix sufficient amount of water in the beginning itself then there are great chances that the food gets charred and becomes like a black coal. So we have to always take this precaution in the microwave that water or moisture should always be present.
    That is the reason why it is easier to prepare curries in the microwave than the dry vegetables. In curries a good amount if water is there so there is no danger of charring.
    Do you use microwave for cooking dishes? Please share your experiences.
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    I have never had a microwave but my aunt has one. Although she has never used it for cooking, preferring the gas range to do so, she uses the microwave to heat food, and sometimes a cup of water for tea or coffee. She finds it beneficial for this because it is quick.

    Doesn't a microwave consume a lot of electricity?

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    We have a microwave in our house. My wife and the daughters -in-law will be using them once in a while. Sometimes they make cakes in the house and in that process they use the same. When we are in a hurry and when there is a necessity of heating, this oven will be switched on. Rice and other items are not cooked in this. Bread toast will be made in this. But in my opinion this fast heating may not give the taste what we get when the item is slowly cooked.

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    Microwave oven consumes a good amount of electrical energy but the expenditure is not much because we use the microwave oven for a small time. Our routine dishes hardly take 10 to 15 minutes for cooking. A cake which takes 45 minutes in OTG gets cooked in microwave oven in 6 minutes!

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    In the microwave we can prepare the food without using oil. Microwave oven uses the moisture or water present in the food or added by us and hence the food is steam cooked.

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