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    Let's practice mindfulness at home

    Based on a recent program that is undergoing to become a certified Life Coach, I have learned so much about mindfulness. This is the art of staying in the present, in the "here and now" and not allowing one's mind to wander.

    This is easier said than done. When we clean and wash the vessels at home, we are reminded about our son or daughter so many thousands of kilometers away in India, or abroad. Our mind starts to wander, and we are physically present where we are, but mentally, we are not.

    If our wife or husband calls us at this point in time, even assuming that the television is not playing or there is no other sound in the immediate environment near our house, we do not immediately respond and take quite a while before responding. We often ask, "What did you say? Can you please repeat it?" much to the annoyance of the other person. In many cases, housewives who long to speak something with their husbands are not able to do so, precisely for this same reason.

    In extreme cases, such negligence even leads to depression. The only alternative is to keep the cell on silent mode, switch off the television and stay glued to what our wives or husbands are saying. After all, they are trying to communicate something, and if we do not give them adequate respect, everything is lost. We have already lost something so precious -- their love.

    Getting to practice Mindfulness does take a long time. But at home, at least, we need to stay glued to whatever we are doing and take the first baby steps. Once we do this on a constant basis, it becomes a habit.

    At least, we would have already made a good beginning.
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    This is an interesting post by the author. The most difficult thing in this world is to stop our mind from wandering here and there. It is said that the mind has a very great speed and it can travel anywhere in no time. Most of the problems in our lives crop up because our mind is distracted to something else rather than doing and concentrating in what we were attempting.
    Purpose of yoga and meditation is basically for the purpose of keeping the mind focused and concentrated in one activity rather than moving from one thought to another one. Many spiritual Gurus also advocate concentration of our minds and they preach us many methods for attaining that mindfulness.
    Initially, it is a difficult thing to achieve such a concentration in our thoughts but slowly with practice and efforts one can start controlling ones mind and that is then really can be called a state of attainment.

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    Our thoughts can travel at a very high speed, even at a higher speed than light. We sit in our chairs and we can think about our travel to another planet and we can think about what we will do there. There are no limits and there are no dos and don'ts for this.
    When we are in the office and doing something, our mind may be working on our grandchildren who are in a distant place or on our parents who are staying alone in our native place. These thoughts will disturb us from the work we are doing and we can't concentrate on the job we are performing.
    Controlling our thoughts and mind may be a big issue. Yoga and meditation will improve and allow us to live is in the present. But how many of us practice these things is the question.
    Focussing on the work and thinking only about the present will definitely help us a lot and we can improve our performance a lot by doing so.

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