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    Should leaders deliberately mislead people?

    We have a general belief from experience that political leaders use every opportunity to promote themselves and their party and also to tarnish or belittle the rival party(s) or its leaders.

    The standard and ethics in this regard is deteriorating day by day since the days we got Independence and had our own democratic governments. Now things have gone to such extent that politicians use untruths, concocted stories and spread falsehood and make them appear as truth and facts. The misfortune is that still there are naïve and vulnerable people who lap it up all in the blind faith on the leaders. Sometime incitements and incentives are used.

    The two recent glaring incidents are:
    1. Rahul Gandhi announcing that he does no have a house of his own even at the age of fifty two.

    2.Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren asking people to bury money and not to deposit in banks.

    I am shocked and shuddered is the most mild way I can express my feeling on reading these two matters.

    A person who has declared on record in his election papers of having a few crores worth of assets and who is an MP getting remuneration and concessions and allowances of various types has the audacity to say something to influence people to appear and make them believe that he is poor and homeless. It is high time someone files a case requiring Rahul to come clean about his assets and income and how he spends or uses them. He also has very many facilities directly and indirectly as the party's important functionary and the unquestioned Nehru family scion. Or is it the ultimate very late realization dawning on him, (thanks to Modi and Indian voters) that India is not Nehru family's fiefdom?

    Hemant Soren has tried to naught the tremendous ground wok and field work put in by the thousands of bank employees, government officials and NGOs making people develop banking habit and keep their idle money safe and growing by depositing in banks. The Jan Dhan scheme is so successful and purposeful in this regard, The Jharkhand CM has by his announcement gone against the previous and present governments and is trying to take our people to primitive days.
    I want the opposition parties intelligentsia and general people to ask him to immediately resign.

    I am afraid about what will be the state of our country when we have such political leaders who are or may be in future be leading or be part of the responsible governments! God save the nation!!
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    The author has raised a very serious issue and it is a matter of concern for all of us who are the real gullible voters of this country. It is really very shocking that how leaders can make such misleading statements in the public openly and showing so much confidence in their voice. And more shocking is how the innocent and gullible common men are believing in that.
    There are many leaders who do not weigh their tongues before they speak and make some statement which is totally misleading and create confusion in the minds of common people. This is not only shameful but is in a bad taste.
    It is also true that due to their such performance in the public they also lose their reputation to quite a good extent and that is what they are losing while doing such mean activities.

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    That is the state of politics and politicians these days. Innocent people are misguided by these politicians. How can a leader like Rahul Gandhi give such a false statement? Officially he is one of the richest people in India. He is trying to fool people.
    Our Telangana Chief Minister is also a person who deceives people with his bluffs. He always talks lies only. But people believe him. That is the irony. During the election campaign KCR declared that if his party comes to power, a BC person will become the CM of the state. But after the election, he became the CM and when somebody asked him about this, he said he never said that. He promised Sonia Gandhi that he will merge his party in Congress if separate statehood is given to Telangana. But after separation, he never met Sonia or he merged his party in Congress.
    These days we see many such leaders and they are only successful.

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