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    Never hesitate to say no when it is a must

    We are living in a society and in this society people should help each other and cooperate with each other. So helping others is very important and we should not go back when a need comes.

    When we accept to help others we should help them sincerely. So before accepting the request of others for your help please accept after thorough thinking only. Once we accept, we should not go back on our assurance and we should do our best in helping them.

    There is nothing wrong in saying no if we are not having the required capacity to help the other person. It is better always to say no in such conditions so that the other person will look for somebody else and will never depend on us. It is always better to say no in the initial stage itself rather than say sorry at a later stage. I think the members will be in agreement with me on this issue.
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    Some people hesitate in telling no. They feel that other person will take it in a wrong way or disconnect with him. But the fact is that sometimes it helps if we straight forward say no.
    It is also an important point in this matter that before saying no we must examine all the pros and cons of the matter and when everything is clear to us then only we should take a decision of telling no.

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