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    Let us keep public places very clean

    This incident happened some four years ago. Members of the public seem to assume that it is their birth right to spit in any public place. I was about to board a bus to Vellore from the prestigious Koyambedu bus station, in Chennai, and said to be the largest in Asia.

    A very young man, hardly 25 years old, spat at the cemented platform near the front wheel of the bus and when I advised him to not do so, he shouted back saying that he had the right to do so and that am not a Member of the police force. There was a policeman some ten meters away and ran upto this person. I knew that if I miss that bus, the next bus would be there in less than five minutes. I just did not bother at all.

    In the meanwhile, the young man stayed where he was and was seemingly waiting for me to come back. To my horror and shock, the policeman did not take it seriously, commenting that he was awaiting a call from his boss and that I should tell him later. In any case, he never appeared serious.

    Understanding the futility of the situation, I went forward to catch up with a friend who was waiting to board a bus bound for Tiruchirapalli. This friend simply shouted at me, saying that there were gangs operating to just pick up a quarrel with passengers and demand money when the situation became close. So, why bother?

    I was even more frustrated. Unless we change our mindsets nothing can happen. Public places are not meant to be dirty. We all have a duty and we should spit only in the wash basins, even if we are unwell.
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    A nice post by the author. Many of us feel that we are not responsible for keeping cleanliness in the public places. That is of course a wrong assumption. No society or country can adhere to cleanliness if the citizens of that country think in opposite ways. It is not only the Govt or local municipality that is responsible for keeping cleanliness but the members of society are also equally responsible. If we happen to visit some developed countries then we would find that even the children there are much aware about cleanliness.
    So, it is our duty as a good citizen to keep the surroundings and public places clean.

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    True. People never bother about their social responsibility. In my colony, one house owner washes daily their house with a large volume of water. That water will flow on the road and will be passing through almost the entire street. If anybody tries to tell them, they will start quarrelling. Even the councillor of our area could not do anything. Such people never think about public places and their nearness. We see some people every day at night cleaning the roads. But the next morning people throw everything on the road and spoil the road.
    As mentioned by the author, the mindset of the individuals should change and they should think that public places are also like their houses and should keep them neat and clean. No authority can bring discipline unless otherwise, the individual understands the importance of his responsibility.

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    Very true Doctor Rao. Until and unless all the citizens are not aware about the importance of cleanliness and order in our surroundings as well as in our locality till then it is very difficult to have a neat and clean environment to live. There is no doubt that parents have a big role to play in this matter because they have to inculcate the cleanliness habits in the children since their early age. Every parent has to follow that ritual of teaching the children as how to keep the premises clean. And why they should not do it when the cleanliness brings positivity and constructive ideas in our minds. Everyone likes a clean place then what is the problem for everyone for keeping the places clea?
    It is only in the beginning that one has to learn the habits of cleanliness and once it is learnt then it is a lifetime companion and one will follow it methodically.

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