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    What about your favourite books?

    Reading is a great hobby and many people read stories, novels, general books, fictions, thrillers etc. There are some books which affect our mind in a deeper way and we get impressed by their contents and the writing styles.
    Are you having a habit of reading? Can you share names of a few books which were your favourite ones? What did you like about them most? Can you read those books one more time?
    I will also be sharing my favourite books in this thread later.
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    To give this thread a boost let me share my favourite books first.
    There are many books that I liked so instead of giving the names of the books I would mention the names of the writers.
    Some of them are Prem Chand (especially for the book - Godaan), Mark Twain (especially the book - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), Dharamveer Bharti (especially the book - Gunahon Ke Devata), H. G. Wells (Time Machine) etc.

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    My favourite books are
    1. Telugu Ramayan, Visvanatha Satyanarayana Sastri is the author
    2. Veyi Padagalu. from the same author
    3. The Merchant of Venice by the famous English writer William Shakespeare
    4. Romeo and Juliet from the same author

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    Merchant of Venice is a great work by William Shakespeare. I really enjoyed reading it.

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