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    Do you also want to take a creative resolution here?

    Dear members, most of us have been contributing in ISC the sister site of this site that is social village. Now we are being given an opportunity to contribute in this site as it is expected to earn from advertising revenue soon especially once it gets the Google AdSense linkage.
    With that in my mind I am thinking to seriously contribute here and the biggest opportunity here is article section. Some members of course have already started contributing articles here. The interesting thing here is that we do not have any restriction that we should only create content related to educational matters. So the field for our creative expressions is very big and sky is the only limit.
    In such a conducive environment it makes sense to take some resolution as how we are going to contribute in this site. To start with I am thinking to contribute at least one article per month which is of course very small but it is a humble aspiration and a few posts in the forum section and also try to response a good number of forum posts.
    Are you also thinking in those lines and planning to take such resolutions here? Please share your views and opinions in this regard.
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    Taking a resolution is not a difficult issue. But completing the commitment is very important. That is why when we take any resolution we should think and then only we should make a resolution so that we keep it up.
    Based on the availability of time I try to spend some time here also and contribute to the extent possible to me. I want to contribute to the articles section as well as to other sections also.

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    Dr Rao you are very right that taking resolution is easy but when we go to implement it then only our creative strength is tested. Sometimes utter failure maybe there. But this is all part of the game and we must try our best in implementing whatever we contemplated. Actually, seeing the growth and progress of this site in recent times I was tempted to take up certain resolutions as mentioned in my post. So we will try and we will see how all this goes on. Somehow, I am very positive about the performance of this site in coming times.

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    That's a nice decision (resolution), Umesh. Teamwork between members in terms of contributing quality articles will greatly help the site to develop and grow from its baby steps. With more contributions the site will surely bloom!

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