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    Killing a mosquito - is it easy?

    Mosquitoes are a great menace in our country at many places. We have to protect ourselves from these tiny flying creatures by using mosquito net or by keeping them away by using repellent creams or spraying anti mosquito spray in our houses or other common methods to drive then away. But whatever we do, one or two mosquitoes will always be there to create trouble for us. This is a source of irritation and we are compelled to kill them simply by our hands or some flat cardboard or anything of that sort. It is easy to say that but these mosquitoes are very alert and they get some heat waves from our body or whatever phenomena happening there that as soon as we want to kill them and go near them they will fly away.

    As per my experience it is not so easy to kill those one or two mosquitoes which are flying inside our house and making our life miserable. What is your experience in this regard?
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    Yes, mosquitoes are indeed a real pest in every sense of the term! It is not only not easy to swat them, but also generally keep them away from the home. A couple of years ago, I had bought a plant (don't know the name) to keep them at bay, and as long as it thrived, this was fairly successful.

    We are doing the basic things to keep away mosquitoes, namely-
    1. Shutting all the doors and windows at around 5.30p.m./approximately before the sun sets. Once you switch on the lights, and the doors and windows are open, they get attracted to the lights and enter. Hence it helps to close everything early.
    2. Lighting mosquito-repellent incense sticks in a corner of the room one hour before sleeping. We are currently using the Comfort brand.
    3. I place two-three camphor pieces in a small glass filled with a little water just below my bed. I read somewhere that it keeps mosquitoes away.

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    In some areas in our country there is severe mosquito menace and whatever we do some of them enter our houses and create problems. The only sureshot old method is to use a mosquito net.

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    All the things like mosquito nets, repellent, creams and coils we use for killing mosquitos still few remains and they irritate us, suck our blood, create noises on our ears. So one of the very effective thing I found is mosquito racket which can kill mosquito instantly. Although it seems cruel to kill it in this manner but it is very satisfying thing.
    Although I like mosquito nets but many people find it suffocating.

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