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    Children deserve their space after they are 14 years old

    A few days ago, a 14 years old boy was seen vigorously arguing with his father. A cousin of this boy, at least five years elder to him has chosen to study the BA(Sociology) course. The father, a banker, would not even allow this boy to talk to his own sister's son. His fear was that the New Delhi boy would lead this boy to study Sociology.

    Well, the boy studies in a CBSE school and his teacher has told him something about Sociology. The boy is so smart and has read some essays on basics of Sociology. His cousin has also guided him. The father wants his son to only do engineering as his peers in the bank have sons who are so successful engineers.

    This is a classic case of the father imposing his whim on a child now just studying in the 9th standard. The boy was seen arguing with his father about the New Education Policy and the numerous electives now available.

    What is wrong in studying Sociology? The father has his mind fixed on engineering. Those who are doctorates in Sociology earn so good money in USA and other Western countries. Someone should counsel the father and make him understand.

    Today's children have a mind of their own. They have their own ambitions. Let us allow them the space to do what they want and nor do what we want them to do. In at least 60 percent of the cases the interests are totally different.
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    It often happens that the children have interest in something but parents think otherwise. Parents have also got some experience regarding jobs and career making and they feel that they can take a better decision in the matter.
    Many experts feel that if a person chooses an educational stream of one's interest then chances that one will perform better increase. So, if we agree to that proposition then a child should be allowed the path himself of course after attaining certain age say 14 or 16 years.
    But there is a line of caution here. Sometime children are not mature enough to take a correct decision in life and if they choose a wrong stream then it may not be a good idea to give them free hand. So opinions can vary in the matter of giving freedom to the children in this respect.

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    I agree with the author. Unfortunately, many parents want their children to follow them and do whatever they say. But that is not correct. Many changes are taking place in all areas including education also. One should not think that Engineering or Medicine are the only lucrative subjects. There are many new subjects and faculties being developed and students who have an interest in such subjects should be allowed to study them.
    In my opinion, you can study any subject that is interesting to you. But you should score well and understand the subject well. If you are at the top of the list of passed students with good ranks and high percentages, any subject will get you a job. So parents should understand this point and allow their children to study the subjects they like rather than the subjects which are liked by the parents.

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