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    What should be the characteristics of a good article?

    We all are interested in writing articles and submit them for publication in various websites and sometimes they are accepted, sometime they are not accepted, and a few times we are asked to modify and improve them and then resubmit.
    Let us now share our views as what in our opinions should be the main features of an article so that it does not get rejected. In my view an article should not be too short or too long and I understand that a length of 700 to 1500 words will be quite adequate in most of the cases. Apart from that the content of article is the most crucial part and it should be of a good quality and we should not repeat the points and statements anywhere in the body of the article.
    What are your experiences and views? Please share.
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    A good article will never get rejected on the basis of length unless otherwise, it is very small or very big. This is what I feel.
    Grammar and spelling. These are the two important things a writer should always concentrate on. We may read the article many times before we submit it for review. Even then we can't completely be sure that the article is free from grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. We may use spell check and we may be using Grammarly. Even then sometimes there may be some mistakes. We should take care of such issues.
    How the content is presented. That is also very important. You can read other articles on the same subject and you can update your knowledge before attempting your article. But you should not try to follow the same pattern in your article.
    The sentences should be clear and the readers should be able to enjoy reading the article. If this is taken care of, we can be confident. Guidelines for submitting an article may be different from site to site. So we should go through the guidelines given in the site and we should make our article as per the conditions stipulated on the site.

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    Yes, adhering to guidelines is a must. Using Grammarly will also be helpful.

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