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    Have you read any book (or story) by this author-1: R. L. Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson is well known for his famous books Treasure Island, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kidnapped, A Child's Garden etc. He was a Scottish writer and wrote many novels, essays, poems, and travel writings. He was having poor health and died in the year 1894 at an early age of 44.

    Have you read any of his works? Did you like his style and narrative skills? Please share your experiences if any.
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    Oh, yes! R. L. Stevenson's books will surely have been read by many of us during our childhood years. I quite enjoyed the book Treasure Island. It was exciting to read about Jim Hawkins and the treasure hunt, and loved the unique names like Long John Silver. Even the name of the inn 'The Admiral Benbow' was unusual! (I did look up the story again to recall that name).

    I have also read the book The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and found that a bit scary and at the same time interesting to know that a person can have two wholly different personalities. I did read Kidnapped as well, but just cannot recall the story. I will surely look it up to job my memory.

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    Yes, in my view treasure Island is the best out of all the books of Stevenson.
    The author had conceived the story of a young boy Jim Hawkins, who finds a map in a dead man's chest then starts searching for pirate gold.
    There are many characters in Treasure Island but it's Long John Silver who steals the show as a murderous mutineer but spared Jim's life.

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