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    What is your favourite sweet?

    Majority of the people love eating sweets, I feel. That is why we see many sweet shops on every street. Even small villages also have several sweet stalls. There are many varieties of sweets. Some sweets are common and we can find them anywhere in the country. But some sweets are the speciality of some specific regions.

    Both the Telugu States are very famous for sweets. Pulla Reddy Sweets of Hyderabad are very famous and they are exporting their sweets to other countries also. Andhra is very famous for a special sweet called. Poota Reku. This will be prepared with rice flour and very thin sheets will be made with that. That will be like a very thin transparent paper. Over that jaggery powder or sugar powder mixed with dry fruits powder mixed with Ghee will be sprinkled and the sheet will be folded in such a way that this powder will be there in between every two foldings. I like this sweet.

    I request the other members to tell about their favourite sweets.
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    I have a sweet tooth. I like many sweet items but due to the age problem and other ailments I have to restrict the intake of the delicious sweet items.
    My favourite is jalebi. But many places the cooks do not know how to make a good jalebi. In my locality there are only one or two shops where good quality and tasty jalebis are available. When I was doing my PG in a college in Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand then there was a shop in which crisp and sweet jalebis were available and I still remember the taste of that particular one. Later I had almost similar jalebis in Lucknow also.

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    TilGul (Sesame-jaggery) is my favourite sweet. The one prepared with black sesame.
    It is not a regularly prepared sweet and is a 'Janata sweet'. But it gets its prime place during Makara Sankranti especially in Maharashtra.
    n our home it is prepared as an item during any pitru karma like annual sradha for ancestors.

    But the one prepared with white sesame is available as chikki in shops.

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