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    Getting the house repainted is a really gigantic task

    Getting the house repainted is a really gigantic task, I feel.

    In earlier days people used to whitewash their houses with lime. They used to get shells and dissolve them in water and use that suspension for whitewashing the walls of the house. But now many types of paints are used for painting houses. Once we paint a house, I think we need not go for repainting again for at least 5 to 6 years.

    We got our house painted almost 10 years back. For the last two years, we are thinking of getting it repainted. But due to COVID, we have postponed the same. Last week, we started the same. Vacating the rooms and almirahs one after another and again rearranging the articles after the painting is a very cumbersome act. I and my wife are only there in the house. This one week we are doing the same. Yesterday my second son came. I think it may take another 3 days.

    We have to do a lot of work and my wife got strained too much, I feel. However, she feels it is OK as now the house is looking good. What are your experiences in this matter?
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    Yes Painting a house is of course a gigantic task specially when you are residing in the same house. You have to shift all the things from one room to another room, everything and everywhere smells like Paint it often causes headache for elderly and lures small kids.
    These days when Paints are full of chemicals, textures and patterns. Mixing matching and finding the right colours for rooms and walls is also a very straining task. I think while Painting the whole house if possible it is better to stay somewhere else and place all the things in one room.

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