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    Why the revived activity inthe site has again slumped

    There was a semblance of revived activity ins this site with more members joining mostly led by the announcement in
    But now I find that that revival was short lived and again the activity has almost halted.

    What is the reason? Is it du to member's disappointment or due or the lack of interest or indifference of the site establishment?
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    These sites are basically commercial assets which are supposed to earn the revenue for the owner as well as contributors. The main source of revenue is advertisement and when more number of views are there this revenue increases.
    Unfortunately, due to whatever reason advertisements are so far not linked to this site and that is the main reason of low activity.

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    Hi all,

    We are slowly moving content, activities and features from ISC to here. At present, we do not have a dedicated webmaster for this site. Once a webmaster is appointed, we expect to see more active engagement.

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    Thank you, Tony for this explanation.
    Many members of ISC migrated to this site on seeing announcement invitation in ISC. In fact after ISC moving to be a dedicated educational portal, many generalist members had silently gone into oblivion. Some of them have joined Social Village with some hope of continuing here as it may be suitable to them.
    They may not mind lack of cash remuneration initially as they also want the site to pick up, and also due to their passion for interaction and posting contents.
    So a little more encouragement from the site establishment may give a better boost to this site and a speedy pace of growth. Otherwise this will also face the fate of many other sister sites opened earlier were existing for namesake.

    Hope the site will get its full due attention soon.

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    Hello Venki Sir
    Hopefully, a lot of engagement comes in soon as a lot of discussion topics flow in. While what Umesh has mentioned in #26825 is true, I am sure that the incoming of new members at Social Village will increase and will surely gain momentum, I will look forward to your excellent write-ups and contributions!

    Check out all Help guidelines from Social Village

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