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    Why and how he identified me when I could not remember him

    Nowadays everyone has some kind of identity document which is the one used for identifying us at various contexts. Each one of us has a name may be one official and one or more pet names or nick names. In real life we are known, identified and addressed by one of these names.

    In practical life we are identified in other ways also. But there are other situations when we are identified by some other qualitative or quantitative identities. A Police Constable may be identified by his PC no (as shown in many movies PC 123 etc.), a jail inmate is identified by his 'Kaidhy number", an advocate's client may be identified by the case no (201/2023) etc.

    But with all these around we identify people by their face, dress, and way of walking and talking, body structure etc. and by any unique characteristic we noticed in them.

    The other day morning, travelled in a State Transport bus to a nearby town of about half an hour journey. The bus was coming from another town and was a fast passenger bus. A few more people also boarded the bus from the place where I boarded. After alighting at destination, I carried on with my work there, shopping and had my lunch also in a hotel in that town. Then I came back to bus depot.
    There after waiting bit I saw a bus waiting to start. But the destination board did not have the name of my town and so I was in doubt. I went near the bus and was asking the driver whether it will go via my place.
    By then the conductor came and told m i will go and added 'you came by this bus only in the morning". I was surprised. I could not remember him, but how he remembered me? I would like your opinion and guess in this.
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    Some people are very alert and have got a very good memory. They are also very particular in sharing with others and probably this conductor belongs to that category. He wanted to tell you that he remembered you so well and treated you like a privileged customer. That is what some people possess, a great quality indeed.

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    Hello Venki Sir
    Nice to see your post around here on the Social Village website. I remember the good old days when I used to read your write-ups. I enjoyed your in-depth views and your participation in GDs. Hope to see a good time here and a lot of interesting contributions.

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    Some people will remember the faces of people even though they see them only once that too for a short time. Generally, people who deal with more people may try to remember their faces. In our colony, there is a Balaji temple. The Priest in that temple is known to me. He remembers the names and Gotras of various people who visit this temple regularly. The first time when I went there I told him my Gotra and name. During my 2 or 3 visits I have to tell him my name and Gotra. Then onwards he remembered all the names of family members. I think it all depends the passion of the individual.

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    Apurva Tamhane @26838,
    Nice to see you as Webmaster in Social Village.
    I also well remember you in your active ISC days. We had a few useful interactions (via ISC messaging facility) regarding matters on the sections you were dealing.

    Hope to have similar or better contribution and participation from you in Social Village too. I am sure now Social Village will has a dedicated full time Webmaster and the site is going to take off well.

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