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    Practice hearing more than talking

    God has given us two ears to hear and only one mouth to talk. This itself will tell us that we should hear more than talk on our own.

    We all will be participating in many discussions. A discussion will be useful only when all the people in the discussion hear what others say and communicate their ideas also properly. But some people will have the nature of obstructing others when they are talking and start giving their opinions. Such people want the discussion to go in the way they wanted. Such discussions will never give a useful outcome.

    Another aspect I have noticed is some people hear to differ. That is also not correct. One should hear to understand what others are telling. Once we understand and if we feel that we have to air out our voice, we have to speak. Our talk should be valid and should have support from facts and figures.

    What are the views of other members on this?
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    We should be patient to hear others and only after that, we should make our comments. If we don't hear others and talk endlessly then the result will always be disastrous.

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