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    Points and Credits for May 2023

    This post provides updates about the points system on the Social Village website. Get to know how one can garner points in ethical way and make their profile AdSense ready.

    Dear All

    Hope you all are having a good time and making the most of the long summer vacation. The Social Village website is undergoing a few changes and making attempts to bring up new content on the portal. We want to make the website more engaging and enjoyable for our readers.
    For the month of May 2023, we want to highlight our points system that rewards our contributors for their contributions.

    For the month of May 2023, we are looking for active participation in the Forum section. We are also awarding a lot of points for good quality contributions. While the Social Village website is still not financially viable, feel free to gain many points. For every good write-up in the Forum section, we want to offer our encouragement in the form of points. This will help build up your profile at Social Village and strengthen the website content.

    While we are not having any lucrative cash credits, we wish for your honest contributions to grow the website. Once the website gets up and running, Cash credits will also follow.
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    Dr Apurva,

    Let me express my happiness to have you as a Webmaster here, and hearty congratulations on the appointment! It is also heartening to see your presence in the forum on the word get-go. I am sure that you will take this site to great heights.

    Yes, although we need to wait for revenue to come in for announcing reward programs and cash credits, it is hoped that members will be active in forum discussions. I really hope that I can try to pitch in when I can.

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    Apurva Tamhane,

    Congratulations for being the WM of this site. Hope there will be some momentum going here in Social Village with your smart efforts. All the best for the new endeavour.

    Warm regards

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    Congratulations Dr Apurva Tamhane for becoming the Webmaster of Social Village. I hope in your guidance and in your presence, the site will be the top 100 sites in the world. I would try to contribute as much content as possible here .

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    Dear Hakimuddin
    Thank you for your kind message. Being a webmaster is indeed a responsibility. But to let you know, this responsibility can never be done well without the support of all members of the Social Village website. Our aim is to make the Social Village website a unique one, rather than being a copy of its sister websites. While articles, and resources do form a mainstay of the website, we have to bring in its own uniqueness, just like a Lotus flower stands tall among others.

    Lets us take this journey together. I would urge you to try and contribute to the website and help it grow. One day we will surely see Social Village in the top 100 websites.

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    I am not very clear. I want to know whether there are any credits even though they are not lucrative. Initially, I saw the name of the top 5 earners on the site. Other members also got some cash credits. The webmaster has clearly told about the points and but mentioned much about credits. A little more clarity on this issue is appreciated.

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    Dear Dr Rao
    While you may see cash credits assigned, there will be no new cash credits allotted or paid for this month of May 2023. The management has decided to grow the website, earn money and become independent of its sister websites; rather than borrowing money from them.
    Hope this is clear to you.

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