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    Are you purchasing a physical copy of the newspaper?

    Many of us used to have the habit of purchasing a newspaper and we used to spend some time in the mornings reading these newspapers while having our morning coffee. But during COVID-19, many stopped the purchase and started seeing the news on their mobiles or TV news channels.

    Thanks to smartphones. We need not wait till the next day morning to read the news now. Almost all newspapers including regional newspapers also started their digital versions and we could see the news immediately after it is reported.

    Even though we all forgot about COVID, many of us have not started purchasing newspapers. Before COVID. I was purchasing Deccan Chronicle and Eenadu (Telugu). I discontinued during COVID and even now also I am not purchasing. What about you, please?
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    Thanks to your newspaper memories. I remember as a child, we were asked to read a column of daily newspapers to improve our speaking skills. There used to be interesting stories to read about and then the newspaper would be kept for some days in the cupboard. It would either be repurposed for other uses or would be recycled.
    I still remember that we used to say, "Oh, this will come in the newspaper tomorrow!"

    But it was still before COVID, that we had got used to online newspapers and news articles. Ever since my parents got used to reading news and updates on their phones, the need of getting a newspaper at home has diminished. Now newspaper apps, the MoneyControl app, and the News in 60 Seconds app is really helpful and easy as well.

    Thus, the "we will get to read about the news tomorrow" to getting indexed in the next minute has changed the complete scenario.

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    Yes, I definitely am purchasing newspapers. One is the Hindustan Times, and the other the Indian Express. I have always loved reading and disliked screen-reading of books. Similarly, I far prefer holding a newspaper and reading it from end to end. Online I may just check out some headlines that declare some breaking news (often in an over-dramatic manner to grab eyeballs!) Otherwise, generally I just skim over the screen, often not opening any of the news feeds.

    There is a joy in having "Me time" either in the morning with breakfast or in the late evening after dinner, when I can sit with the papers and enjoy a quiet spell of reading the news or a book. In the mornings when I read one paper, I make it a point to keep my phone off, too, and focus on the news, sometimes discussing the happenings reported with family members.

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