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    What's New Today at Social Village website?

    Are you looking for new things coming up on your Social Village website? If you do so, do reply on this thread!

    Hello All
    Hope you all had a great day and would probably be having a great evening ahead. Today at Social Village, we had multiple small changes and progress. Some changes may be visible to you all while some may not.
    As most of you might be knowing, Social Village is a sister website of a large number of niche websites belonging to Spiderworks Technologies. While this is a good thing, many small things get "carried forward" when a new website is created. Some of such things can be names of previous websites, word and grammatical errors, and links to previous websites. The list goes on. Since Social Village is a large website with new content growing up, we must get all of these small things cleared right in the beginning. There are also small snippets of code that need to be refreshed and made current.
    So a big chunk of today's time went into these things and will continue to do so in the upcoming days. I will still try and bring in new topics just like you all are doing.

    In the meantime, do reply to this thread below, if you notice new things coming to IP on your screens 😀
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    I liked the title 'Point to Point' that I saw some days back, to indicate the points accrued of the top contributors of the day, and of the week. Above that, the forum threads of the latest discussions take prominence. This is also a good feature, as earlier we would have to check out the new posts, the link to which was at the bottom of the screen.

    I am looking forward to the admin. sharing the AdSense revenue with members now that advertisements are appearing on the site. Opening up an Ask Expert section and Jobs section is also something exciting to look forward to. The Ask Expert section I feel will especially do really well.

    I am also hoping to see more forum discussions, especially with maximum use of the categories of the Community Nook.

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