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    Never force your interests on your children

    This is an interesting and informative thread on not forcing our interests in education and career on our children.

    These days we are seeing many parents wanting their children to become doctors or engineers only. Keeping that idea in mind they start forcing their children to study the subjects as required. They never ask about the interest of the child.

    Some children may have a good interest in other subjects like humanities and sciences. When they express their interests also parents just ignore them and force them to do the subjects that they suggest only. This will make the child dull and he will lose interest also. They may not fare well in their studies.

    I feel it is always better to give importance to the field of interest of the child also, If the child is interested in music, let him/ her learn the same but never force them to go for another course. That will motivate the child and performs well. I think all members will be in agreement with me.
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    This is a very important topic raised by Dr Rao. The biggest fact over here is that we as parents are not at all aware of the newest types of careers, education branches and options in professional fields. We only know about the existing career options and thus are able to advise children only about those. It will in fact be very good if we can take our children to education seminars and career fairs. On these occasions, children are made aware of the newest forms of education options, and streams. They can also be informed about the newest ways of earning money and being more satisfied with their jobs and professions.
    Yes, it is also true that not all career options can bring in good money, apart from a few. But this is a point of absolute discussion where a child needs to understand and perform according to their abilities and interests.

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