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    And the Player of the Match goes to....the Umpire!!

    At the end of a cricket match, there will be the award ceremony with the much-awaited announcement of the name of the cricketer who will win the rich cash prize for the Player of the Match award. Typically, it is awarded to the player who scores the highest runs or a player for an all-round performance with both, the bat, and the ball, and on rare occasions we will see a bowler getting it for taking a lot of wickets.

    Let's talk about the current IPL matches. With this type of short format, there is excitement in plenty, this year more so with the edition going back to the home-and-away format. Thus teams play a game in front of their home crowd, and one in front of their opponent's fans. We have seen huge totals in many matches this year and watched in awe and total disbelief when it seems a team is 100% going to lose, but snatching victory in the penultimate over, and even the last ball! Two just moments come to mind, one was then the Punjab team's batsmen ran three runs on the very last ball against Chennai.

    Another jaw-dropping moment came when Rajasthan Royals stunned Sunrisers Hyderabad with Abdul Samad hitting a six after the umpire called the last ball bowled by Sandeep Sharma a no-ball. So, even while everyone was celebrating the RR win in the stands and in the dugout, with even the fireworks going off on the boundary lines, there was the umpire, calmly indicating a no-ball!!

    Seeing that, I was thinking to myself - the umpire should get the player of the match award! After all, alertness is the key to their role and they often enough get flak for poor decisions.
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    The decisions of the umpire play a very important role. If the umpire is not alert and misses some points which are to be observed keenly, the end result may change 360 degrees. Alertness is the key. Technological developments and third umpire availability brought some changes. Even then the umpire should be alert always.
    As mentioned by the author some IPL matches brought unexpected results in the last over or even the last ball. Really, the bowlers are taken for a ride and sixes and fours are raining in these matches. But one way it is not good for the game. Test matches are also getting completed in 2 or 3 days.

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    The umpire does play an important role in the cricket matches of today. The IPL brought out the short version, which became popular to such an extent, that the umpires' Decision-making is next to none. The officiating response from the Umpires has held the IPL series at the umpteen level in Cricket rules. Yet the IPL 2023 Cricket tournament has been by far the most successful T20 format.
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