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    Have you viewed any movies, dramas or other presentations which were controversial

    It is a general tendency for ordinary people to avoid or be away from controversies. That is an inherent caution of ordinary people.
    In Mumbai local parlance it is a 'Jane do, chalta hai' response or attitude.
    In any controversy there will be at least two sides. Each taking their side's stand -mostly blindly.

    In the present day of high voltage and viral social media activities, anything can be turned into a controversy. People who do no know anything about the core matter also simply jump into the bandwagon supporting any one side. There can be some sideward deviations and soon there will be many who are just interested to fish in troubled waters.

    I am not going to give any examples or illustrations. My simple question is have you participated in such social media battering and barking or have you tried to understand the real matter by actually seeing the controversial movies or dramas, reading the controversial books etc. Yes or no, please give your reasons behind for the yes or no action.
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    Generally, I will try to be away from controversies. I never participated in any controversies even on social media. But as part of my duty, I have solved many controversies in my organisation. There were two worker's unions in our organisation. The membership was almost the same. Very little difference was there. Whenever we want to bring in any change we used to have controversy between these two unions. If one union says OK to the change the other union says no. Even though one union is the recognised union, we want both unions to support the changes. Many times I used to talk to the union leaders separately and sometimes make leaders from both unions together.

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    I would stay away from those issues which are unrelated to me. I would take part in those topics which I feel I can contribute to. I remember during the years I was staying in Dehradun. Dehradun is an Earthquake prone area. It is also not far away from Delhi. Thus any quake in Dehradun would be felt in Delhi as well.
    Now all the news houses are in Delhi and they would start lamenting about Earthquakes. They would show animations of tall buildings in Delhi starting to tremble. What's more, they will even show animations of buildings falling down! 😁
    At first, I used to curiously watch. But then I became a Doonite and understood that it is only a battering by Media and news. Just like other people, after the quake was over, we went back to sleep. News channels would only make propaganda out of nothing.
    Thus unless a topic is of genuine interest to me, I would simply skip over it and move on! 🤪

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