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Have you checked our QR Codes as yet?
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    SocialVillage QR Codes

    It has been a couple of days since the SocialVillage QR Codes appeared on our website. Some of you might have tried them out, while others might wonder what these are. So to explain a bit, QR codes are like our addresses to online content. We all use Payment apps like Google Pay, PhonePe and alike. All of these work by scanning QR codes.
    Similarly, we have created QR Codes to scan and reach our website, Facebook Page and Instagram Page. While one can easily Like, Follow and reach the social media pages, one would need to remember, register and connect to the pages to reach them out. But if you may not have done the above-mentioned steps, the QR Codes become an easy way to reach out to our pages. So have you tried them out? If not do scan our QR Codes and connect with our social media pages.
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    QR codes are tried and able to connect to the pages. It is good to note that some new points are being brought in. But still, activity on site has to increase. I am confident that it will happen. Let us wish and hope that the Socialvilage site will reach new heights.

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