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SocialVillage Website Update - 21st May 2023
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    New Updates on SocialVillage website

    Website Updates post for SocialVillage website for 21st May 2023.

    Dear Villagers!😊

    Hope you are having a great day today. We have added a Newsletter sign-up form on our SocialVillage website. This form will appear on your screen only the first time you visit the website each day. When you browse through or visit other pages, it will not reappear. The same sign-up form also appears in the right sidebar. This will help to propagate our Email Newsletter to all of you. Our Newsletter will be weekly in frequency and will carry some of the hot discussions and interesting news going on the website.

    Secondly, we are upbringing the Knowledge Centre section. I will make a separate announcement. Tony Sir is helping with a few bits and bites here and there. Once all set, we will have our first competition coming up in the Knowledge Centre. It will be a limited version but a high payout competition.

    Thirdly, I am happy to inform you that our SocialVillage website is getting better. We are dealing with more than 22,000 historical article submissions. I am happy to inform you that we have gone through nearly 4,000 of them. We still have 18,000 more to go. Although the Articles section will not be available anymore, it still forms a crucial part of the website. We will be completely focussing on the Knowledge Centre and Social Discussions platform.

    Also, I am happy to inform you that our website is picking up on its numbers. We are getting approximately 1,500 visitors every day to our website! But despite having nearly 45,000 page views, these are highly insufficient to generate any revenue for the website. We have to get nearly 10 times the pageviews to be able to generate some revenue. 50 times this number may start to help make us self-sufficient.

    • Thus currently we are having 45,000 page views

    • We need at least 450,000 to generate some revenue for our website🤩

    • We need probably 45,00,000 to 90,00,000 page views to start becoming self-sufficient.

    Thus although we have not generated any income, these numbers are still highly promising and encouraging.

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    Good to see a lot of buzzz in our village! Let's hope the traffic translates to good revenue soon and everyone benefits.

    There seems to be some issue with the Subscribe feature. When I tried to edit my response in another thread, that feature came up and prevented me from submitting the edited content. This recurred twice. Hope it gets fixed.

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    Dr Apurva,

    The issue that I reported in my response #26931 has been fixed. Thanks for the quick action.

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    I think views of this site would increase when more members join here and start contributing. Let us hope that activity increases with time.

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