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Introducing a new YouTube Channel - @SocialVillageIn
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    Our New YouTube Channel!

    Welcome to the SocialVillage New YouTube Channel

    Dear Villagers at SocialVillage!
    I am very excited today to announce the launch of our Official YouTube Channel! We have made a small start today with our first Video.

    Check out the video embedded here:

    Check the link below to visit SocialVillage YouTube Channel
    SocialVillage YouTube Channel

    Do share your thoughts about our New YouTube Channel and what would you like to see and view on the same.
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    I have seen, liked it and subscribed for the same. What are the videos you are planning to launch on this channel? I think we should make it interesting so that more views will come.

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    Congratulations on the launch of our very own YouTube Channel! 🎉

    It would be interesting to see members uploading some travel-related videos and DIY activities, including ones for kids. Homemakers who are keen to share recipes can upload a cooking video as these are quite popular. Taking care of plants would be a useful video, with gardening tips.

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    Let us do one thing. Why not make yourselves popular on YouTube? While we ourselves are our first subscribers on the channel, let us bring in more engagement. I am sure, once we get good videos and self-describing material, we will slowly but surely grow. Vandana Ma'am has come up with a few ideas. @Dr Rao, would you like to create a video or 2? You may create a short video, maybe a minute or 2 and share the same.
    Let me know your thoughts. If you would like to give it a try, then we will try, and then I can edit it and make it ready for the channel and upload. Let me know.

    Check out all Help guidelines from Social Village

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    I can take it and send it to you. Please let me know how can I send it to you. Can I send a video taken by me when my granddaughter was singing a song or reciting a sloka or while she was dancing to a song? Please let me know.

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    I have a f video clips of 1 minute to 2 minutes taken with my mobile phone.
    Myself and my mobile phone both are not tech savvy or update.
    What I can d is send them to you. You may then enhance the quality, cut/combine or do need whatever needed to upload it in the YouTube channel.

    Alternatively you may give a DIY tutorial for us- tech illiterates- learn how to do this needful.

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